Meaningful Mindfulness: Greet the Sun with Zen Daily Meditations

meaningful mindfulness

According to Harvard studies, meditation not only reduces stress but also can increase brain volume over time. Changes can be seen after just eight weeks of practice.

Developing healthy daily habits like meditation, eating healthy, and lowering your stress can work together to improve your energy levels and your mental health. Read on to learn more about how Zen daily meditations can improve your life.

For Those Suffering from Addictions

If you’re currently suffering from an addiction and it seems like you have done everything you can to try to quit, then you may want to consider trying a Zen meditation.

For those who have a problem that you don’t think you can handle yourself, you can reach out to a center like for help.

The Room

The room you select should be a place where you will not be disturbed. It should be a bright and comfortable place, but not too bright that it will distract you from your trance-like state.

The Posture

There are several different postures that you can take for meditation, but the most common is the lotus or half-lotus position. 

Try sitting on a firm pillow and crossing your legs in front of you to elevate your hips so that your knees are able to hit the floor and your position will be much more comfortable for long-term meditation.

Head and Neck Positions

Whatever position you choose to be in, make sure you keep your head and neck straight and upright. Try not to tense up or be too relaxed. Just find a balance within your posture. 

Eye Position

During traditional Zen meditation, the eyes are usually kept open. This is to keep the meditator from becoming drowsy or daydreaming. 

Try to focus on an unmoving point in the room and allow your eyelids to come to a resting place where they are half opened and half closed. To be sure you avoid all distractions, it’s best to face a wall when you first begin your meditation practice.

Hand and Arm Position

The best hand position for meditation is the Cosmic Mudra. Start by putting your left hand on top of the right one with your palms turned toward the sky. Then touch the tips of your thumbs together to form a straight line. 

Allow your wrists to rest on your thighs and the edge of your hands can rest against your belly with your shoulders relaxed.


When you are meditation, you need to practice zen breathing. To do this, you will need to breathe quietly through your nose with your mouth closed. Focus your efforts on steadying the exhalation without worrying too much about the inhalation.

Mind State 

When you are meditating, you are bound to have thoughts come up, just acknowledge them in the way you would a passing cloud. Don’t attach yourself to them, just let them pass without judgment.

Beyond Zen Daily Meditations

Zen daily meditations are a great way to keep your mind focused as you move through the week. The tips in this post should help you get started.

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