7 Stories of Recovery Miracles to Inspire You to Overcome Addiction

overcome addiction

You’ve reached the end.

One more dirty needle. One more ruined relationship and you’ll go over the edge.

If this is you, you’re not alone. But you’re not yet one of the 90,000 Americans who die every year due to addiction. You’re still hanging onto life and that’s an incredible thing!

We want to uplift your spirit and we want to help you find healing. Miracles happen every day and you’re no exception. 

Here are seven recovery miracles that lifted people out of the mire and saved their lives. 

1. Recovery Miracles: Caleb Daniloff and His Ultrarunning Recovery

Sometimes a positive replacement addiction is a miracle you need. When you’re addicted, you’re filling a hole. And the only way you’re going to truly fill that hole is by finding the healthy alternative your mind and body crave.

For many, sports and fitness are the answer. The high from pushing your body to its limit can be exhilarating. And your body is grateful for the renewed energy.

This is exactly what happened to Caleb Daniloff. He’d been an alcoholic from age 12 onward. He ended up almost losing his life on a freeway, waking up drunk and driving down the wrong lane. 

It wasn’t until he encountered long distance mountain running that he was able to pull out. He’d found his way out of the pit of addiction and into a new kind of obsession.

Now he runs up and down Pike’s Peak regularly. He runs ultramarathons (any race longer than 26.2 miles) and he loves putting his body through its paces. He attributes his salvation to the trail and the long miles.

2. Everclear Frontman Almost Lost His Life

Art Alexakis almost lost his life on June 15, 1984. It’s also the day he got it back.

He’d been doing drugs all day at a friend’s house. He was so high, he couldn’t walk straight. 

At one point he loaded up three-quarters of a gram of heroin into a syringe and stuck it in his arm. All of it.

His heart stopped. 

Thank God his friend’s neighbor was a medical technician. He saved Alexakis’ life by using a defibrillator. He restarted Alexakis’ life.

He then quit everything except alcohol. It took a few Narcotics Anonymous meetings but he got clean. 

3. A TV Show Saved Kristie

She’s blown almost every vein in her body. She was sleeping in parking lots and stealing to make ends meet.

Christie’s drugs of choice were heroin and cocaine. And they constantly threatened to kill her. 

She hadn’t let anyone into her apartment in six years and the place was falling apart. It was a death trap.

A British TV show called the Jeremy Kyle Show funded her recovery. She appeared on the show and then went to rehab for 12 weeks. She appeared on the show a second time clean and a completely different person. 

4. An American Junkie Calls 911 and Saves His Own Life

When he went to the ER, Tom Hansen’s gluteals were so rotten doctors could see his hip bones. He’d been shooting two syringes (two grams) of heroin at once every day for weeks. 

Tom hadn’t even left his mattress to relieve himself. But he’s alive to tell the tale thanks to a moment of lucidity and months of medical and psychological treatment.

His treatments were painful. His body was so rotten and emaciated, he needed dozens of skin grafts. He went through excruciating withdrawal during his hospital stay.

He survived to write a memoir because he was able to call 911 from his fetid mattress that evening. His memoir is now a play in Seattle called American Junkie.

5. Food Can Be Destructive Too

Even if your employer learns more about drug testing techniques and the like, they’re not going to notice your food addiction. It won’t always impair your work performance, after all. But Darren Charnley didn’t need someone to tell him he was dangerously addicted to food. 

If he hadn’t lost 140 pounds, he wouldn’t be alive to tell his story.

But dieting wasn’t enough. He’d lose weight and gain it right back. Fad diets just don’t work.

It wasn’t until he decided to start climbing his stairs that he began to see healthy results. How much stair climbing did Darren do? He climbed his stairs 30 times a day. 

He’d been a food addict for 35 years. He was losing his knees, his heart was in trouble, and his life would be short.

He recently completed a 5km obstacle course to inspire his kids to exercise and stay fit. So, if you’re addicted to food and you’re on a path toward destruction, there is hope. It might be tough at first, but you can turn your life around.

6. Nicholas Bush and Opioids

After losing his kid brother and his older sister to heroin, Nicholas Bush began to rethink his life. He’d gone from OxyContin to heroin and he was addicted. 

But his addiction didn’t end when he realized his addiction would end in death. The miracle that brought Nicholas back to the land of the living was a community.

He claims it was acceptance and love that gave him hope. Most communities attempt to scare you out of addiction or punish your addiction. Behavior like this won’t change an addict. 

When you’re battling an addiction, often other things are wrong with your life. You might be missing food or shelter or your health might be failing. Often, fixing these things will cure the symptom of addiction.

Nicholas Bush experience a turn around when his community provided food, shelter, and a job. They worked with him one-on-one to help him climb out of his dark hole.

Miracles Happen Every Day

It’s not too late. If you know you’re in trouble seek help. 

Addiction miracles happen every day. Your story will be unique make it an incredible one.

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