The Top 10 Family Board Games to Play at Your Next Dinner Party

family board games

Your family loves game night! And your neighbors find themselves joining in on the family games too! It’s just one more way to compete with them, right?

From the classics to the newly made ones fresh on the shelf, family board games offer a variety of fun! There’s so many.

It’s hard to choose which ones are the best. And each member of your family is their own individual. 

So, how does the whole family decide on what games to play? This is a big debate! You want everyone to have fun.

The kids want something that offers fun and competition. And let’s be honest, the adults want the same. You need the best family games in your home that the adults and the kids will love!

We’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve gathered the top 10 best family board games. And we’ve put them all in one spot for you.

Keep reading because we’re about to give you the list!

1. Monopoly

It’s a classic. Known for jokingly breaking couples up, Monopoly is THE competitor’s game. If your family breathes competition, then you need to play Monopoly!

Playing this game means staying completely focused. It forces you to. Every player must remain consumed throughout the entire game. 

What a great way to keep everyone’s attention, right? It teaches younger children money handling. And it teaches the older ones the importance of spending responsibly. 

What’s in it for the adults? Pure competition and excitement. Plus, Monopoly comes in plenty of different versions for all ages.

Pick the version that’s best for your family! And let the competing begin.

2. Sequence

Did you love playing Bingo with your grandma as a kid? Maybe you like to dabble in a little bingo online. Well, Sequence is sure to accommodate your passion for the game. 

Best for ages 7 and up, Sequence is not only a game of chance. You’ll need some skill too. With chance and a little bit of strategy, you’ll be on your way to a championship!

It’s a mix of playing cards and chips. And you’ll need to get 5 chips in a row to win. The best thing about this family game is that you can play up to twelve players! 

And little ones younger than 7 can join in on the fun too. Pair them with an adult and they’ll be ready to rock the board!

3. Apples To Apples

It’s a game of comparison. And you can learn a lot too while playing. This one is great if your youngest ones are preteens.

It gives everyone a chance to take over the spotlight. Players take turns playing the judge. Once a card is flipped, every player except the judge lays down a card that they believe compares best. 

The judge then decides which card they believe was the best fit! Don’t hesitate to use this as a learning experience for your kids. Google words or phrases that are unknown!

You learn something new every day! And there are other versions available for even more fun!

4. Watch Ya’ Mouth

Do you have to tell your kids to watch their mouth? All kids can act sassy at times. Well, now you finally get to make them watch their mouths!

This hilarious family game is one of the most popular board games out right now. And there’s no doubt that it’ll have the whole family laughing. Players take turns trying to speak words or phrases with a cheek retractor inside their mouths.

You’ll be rolling with laughter. And everyone can watch their mouths!

5. Sorry!

Here’s another family classic. For decades, Sorry! has entertained the entire family. The rules aren’t complicated and kids as young as 6 years old will love playing. 

But don’t be fooled! This family classic can start quite a fuss! As players try to make their way around the board to their safe zone, other players can bump you back home! 

Get ready to be consumed for a while. This game can go on for a long time if players keep bumping each other backward. Oops, sorry!l

6. Candy Land

Take a trip into a world of pure sweetness. It’s exterior might seem like only little ones would enjoy playing. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Everyone will find excitement in flipping over the candy pictured cards. There’s a lot of chance in this game. And it doesn’t require too much skill. 

So it is a great game for younger ones. But adults get just as thrilled to flip over that special candy cane card as the kids do. But don’t let the wrong candy send you back to the start!

7. Jenga

It’s time to take those old-school bar games home! You love playing the jumbo-sized Jenga game at the local dive bar. Well, guess what.

Your kids will love it too! Nothing is more challenging than keeping a tower standing while pulling out a brick. It takes concentration and patience.

These are two great concepts to teach the young ones. You’ll be a great influence on them as you demonstrate these qualities. 

And they’ll really get a kick out of the final collapse. Timber!

8. Anaxi

Here’s another great thinking game. Let’s get those wheels turning! Players have to write down different objects that match at least two out of the three adjectives given. 

It’s a cool way to get your kids thinking. And adults’ brains will need to kick into gear as well. The things that the players come up with will have the whole family in laughter!

9. The Game Of Life

Best for ages 8 and older, The Game of Life is the best board game for teaching life’s basics. Young ones will learn some basic fundamentals. And they’ll adore adding their little family figures into their chosen cars.

During this race to the top, kids learn decision-making skills. Money also comes into play. And kids learn how quickly it goes!

That’s life!

10. Codenames

Do you need a little mystery in your life? Codenames is the game for you! Family games don’t usually include secrets in their instructions.

This board game is ideal for ages 14 and older. Players will take turns reading clues. They’ll need to use these clues to solve the secret identities of other players.

This fast-paced game will keep everyone on their toes! Let’s see who the detective in the family is!

Family Board Games That’ll Last A Lifetime

Pack your shelves with these games. Because once you do, they won’t be going anywhere. These are family board games that your family will treasure for a lifetime. 

And when the kids are grown, pass them down the line. The best family board games are adored for generations! 

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