It’s Hip to Be Strong! 7 of the Best Hip Exercises You Can Do at Home

best hip exercises

Only 23% of Americans meet the country’s national physical activity guidelines.

But, we all know that exercise has many benefits such as strengthening our hearts, making us feel happier, and preventing us from catching diseases. 

But, what is the recommended amount of physical activity? It’s widely regarded that an adult should get between 150 minutes of moderate exercise and two bouts of muscle-strength training per week. 

If you experience pain anywhere in your body, this can feel unachievable. However, there are still exercises which you can do to help rebuild strength. 

Are you suffering from hip pain? Then, do these 7 hip exercises regularly to keep your body moving smoothly and efficiently:

1. Start with Squats

Squats are simple and can be done anywhere. Why not build squatting into your morning routine? For example, while you brush your teeth, why not also squat?

This exercise engages your hips, thighs, and glutes. If you are overweight or have pain in your knees, use a chair to practice your squats.

Simply place the chair behind you and squat into a sitting position. You can sit if necessary for a short period or hover over the chair and move back up.

Too simple? Instead, you can remove the chair and pick up a dumbbell. Remember to keep your feet hip-width apart and hold the dumbbell with both hands as you squat.

Try to build up how many squat reps you do. Can you do 3 sets of 15 squats? Keep going!

2. Get Down with a Side Plank Knee Drive

Position yourself in a side plank. Your left elbow should be under your shoulder and your legs out to the side. Keep your ankles on top of each other. 

Keep your hip muscles up in line with the rest of your body – don’t let it drop down. Preferably look at yourself in the mirror as you do this.

Then, move your top knee up towards your chest. Keep it there for one full breath cycle and move it back to starting position. 

As your hip strength improves, you can increase the speed of your movement. Do around eight reps of the side plank knee drive and then switch to the other side.

3. Lie Down and Try a Leg Raise

After these two exercises, you may feel like it’s time for a rest. For this next exercise, you will be lying on the floor. But, it’s still a little grueling. 

You’ll be happy you incorporated this exercise into your routine, however, as it’s great for improving on hip abductor weakness. Visit this website to learn more about this issue.

The idea is to lie on your side with your bottom knee bent. The top leg should be stretched outwards and lifted into the air. 

Hold your leg in the air for a few seconds so you feel that rewarding burn and then slowly lower it down again. Make sure this movement is controlled.

If your leg is simply flopping to the ground, take longer breaks between movements but don’t give up! After you’ve completed three reps of 10, switch sides.

4. All Too Much? Try the Pelvic Drop

If you’re finding these exercises a little too strenuous, then reduce the number of reps you do and move onto the pelvic drop.

This exercise is great at improving your hip strength. Start by standing on a small step or at the bottom of the stairs with one foot on and one hovering off.

Then, lower your leg downwards to touch the next step or floor. Hold onto something if you don’t have good balance.

Keep your back straight and abs tight. Moving your leg down and back up again is one rep. Attempt three sets of ten.

5. Lateral Lunges are Great for Your Hips

Lunges are a fantastic way to strengthen all of your lower body. Try incorporating regular lunges into your warmup or routine. 

Then, when you’ve mastered these, move onto the lateral lunge. For this exercise, you’ll require dumbbells. 

Stand with your feet together and dumbbells in your hands by your sides. Then, step out to the side and lunge your knee downwards (be careful if you have pain in your knees).

Bend your knee as far as possible and move your butt straight out. Keep your back straight and your abs tight. Then, return to your start point and do the same for the other side. 

6. Yoga Helps Strengthen Your Hips

Rather than having to come up with your own routine, why not follow a yoga routine online?

Yoga with Adriene is a very popular YouTube channel and Adriene has many routines which can help you strengthen your hips. 

You can follow her Yoga For Hips & Lower Back routine or her Hip Openers routine. Poses such as “Eye of the Needle” will help you stretch out your hips.

You will likely find that after practicing yoga for some time, you’ll start feeling great. Yoga promises many benefits such as: 

  • A boost in serotonin levels which can help alleviate depression and other mental health issues.
  • An increase in balance.
  • An increase in flexibility.
  • A great way to reduce your weight.
  • Balancing your metabolism.
  • Improving your heart and circulatory health.

If you find that yoga has changed your life, there are likely many classes in your area which will help you practice with others! 

7. Don’t Forget to Stay Mobile

When strengthening your hips, it’s important to remember to stay mobile. Simply performing hip strengthening exercises isn’t enough.

Make sure to incorporate cardio into your routine and find an exercise which you love. Are you a runner or cyclist? Make sure to head out of the house for twenty minutes a day. 

If this isn’t for you, you could instead go swimming which is a great low-impact exercise. Alternatively, if you want to stay at home, why not follow a class on YouTube?

There are routines for everyone, no matter whether you need something low-impact and easy or high intensity.

Find a YouTube channel which caters to your needs and enables you to perform your cardio routine from the comfort of your own home. 

Incorporate these Hip Exercises into Your Everyday Routine

Now you know how to strengthen hips with these hip exercises. Just twenty minutes of exercise per day and two sessions of strength exercises and you will meet the required amount of exercise. 

You’ll find that your life is much improved as exercise will improve your physical and mental health. So, what’re you waiting for?

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