Does Hypnosis Work? Meet the People Who’ve Used it Successfully


You’ve been feeling a bit down lately.

You feel like you’re stagnant in your work life, and you’re not where you want to be personally. Maybe you feel like a bad habit is seriously dragging you down.

You know one thing for sure: you’re ready to make a change for the better.

And while things, like listening to motivational podcasts and spending time with friends and family, are helpful?

Lately, you’ve started to explore more non-traditional treatment options. You’ve heard success stories about hypnosis for anxiety, to stop smoking, and even to drop some weight.

But does hypnosis work, and what are the issues it may help to correct?

In this post, we’ll fill you in on not only how hypnosis has helped countless people, but also what it can treat.

When you’re ready to learn more about how to live your best life, read on.

To Stop Smoking

Does hypnosis work when it comes to helping you to kick bad and destructive habits to the curb?

If you’re curious about using it to help you put down the cigarettes, (or even marijuana) then many people would argue it does.

But how exactly does it work?

The goal is to help you to learn to control your cravings for nicotine. Your hypnosis expert will likely teach you to associate “bad” or “stressful” things with nicotine. They’ll then replace cravings with more positive experiences in your mind.

This means that, over time, you’ll want to reach for your pack less and less.

Instead, you’ll “crave” healthier activities, like going for a walk or watching a movie with friends.

Still unsure about whether or not it really works?

Confirmed tobacco addict Adele used hypnosis to help her to put down the cigarettes for good.

To Deal with Mental Illness

If you’re among the countless people that deal with mental illness, perhaps you’ve wondered if hypnosis can help.

While hypnosis for depression isn’t a substitute for traditional therapy and medication, many say that it’s helped them to get a better handle on their illness.

Hypnosis is especially helpful for people with anxiety and depression because it can help them to better identify their triggers.

Especially if you’ve lived through a seriously traumatic experience, you may not want to address it when you’re in a conscious state. Talking about these issues can be painful, frightening, or just feel impossible.

By entering into a subconscious state, you may find that you’re able to speak more freely.

This will help you to talk about the tough things that have happened to you. You’ll also be able to speak about your feelings, roadblocks, and more. You may even discover that you address things in a hypnosis session that you can barely remember in your “real” life.

Once you’re able to name these things, you’ll find that you feel much lighter.

In addition to treating depression, you may also be interested in learning about anxiety hypnosis.

The amazing actress Keira Knightly used to feel a serious amount of stress in her professional life. She felt she wasn’t good enough, was scared of saying the wrong thing, and didn’t want to fail.

It became so bad that she sometimes didn’t want to leave her home.

However, after trying hypnosis therapy, she found she was able to seriously relax her mind and enjoy being in the public eye.

We’d say that her career has certainly benefitted as a result.

To Understand Your Past Lives

Do you often feel like you experience memories, feelings, or even fears that you can’t explain?

You feel connected to these experiences in some way. However, the truth is that you struggle to put your finger on exactly how they relate to your life.

It might sound a bit crazy to some people, but you feel like you’re ready to explore your past lives.

Past life regression therapy (read more here to get a handle on it) has become increasingly popular in recent years. The fact is that who you were in a past life can easily impact your present life.

We’re not saying that you were a celebrity or royalty in a past life, or even that someone is “trying to tell you something.” Instead, think of the experiences of your past lives as something that informs and helps you to succeed in your current one.

By entering into a state of hypnosis, you’re able to learn about these past lives much more effectively. Your past selves may even come through and speak to your hypnosis expert.

In some cases, this can help you to put an end to nightmares, stresses, and other personal issues. In other cases, it’s simply fascinating.

Celebrities like Shirley MacLaine swear by it.

Even if you’re seriously skeptical, the truth is that you might be surprised by what you’re able to get out of the experience.

And if you’re looking to calm your mind, get rid of negative energy, and understand why you sometimes feel certain emotions?

We think past life regression therapy is worth a shot.

To Improve Your Professional Life

Does hypnosis work to help you overcome creative blocks, assert yourself more in the office, and improve your focus at work?

If you believe the people who have tried it, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

In this post, a successful hypnosis patient talks about how entering into a relaxed state and regularly attending hypnotherapy sessions improved his career.

He claims that the sessions helped him to feel more self-confident, especially regarding bringing new ideas to his boss. It also helped him to improve his memory. He found that he could recall facts about projects and clients faster than ever before.

Additionally, he said that the sessions encouraged him to conquer his fears of failure.

He was able to better achieve the goals that he’d set for himself. Best of all, he could do this without getting bogged down by all the things that could go wrong in the process.

In the past, he struggled to deal with difficult clients or speak up to coworkers about an issue. He didn’t want it to look like he couldn’t handle the issue on his own.

With hypnosis, he was able to learn to approach issues from a more collaborative standpoint. He also felt more confident asking for help when he needed it.

To Lose Weight

Roughly 70% of Americans are currently well over the limit for a healthy weight.

As carrying too much weight can cause serious health issues, like diabetes, heart problems, and trouble breathing, many people are trying to find a way to shed extra pounds.

However, especially if you’re used to eating excessive amounts of food and have a busy schedule, finding the time to cook and work out can be tough. Often, it can feel impossible to lose weight, even if you feel like you’re trying your hardest.

One new solution?

Successful hypnosis for weight loss.

Believe it or not, it’s worked for some big celebrity names, like Lily Allen and Olivia Munn.

So, how does it work?

By relaxing your mind so much that your subconscious is more open to the idea of working out and eating healthy. Your hypnosis expert will actually help you learn to associate hitting the gym and eating healthy with positive feelings.

You’ll also address your cravings in a hypnotized state, as you would with smoking. The goal is to “reprogram” your body so that you no longer crave the sugary, calorie-filled foods you used to.

Many people say that they wake up ready to hit the gym and that they enjoy working out more than ever before.

The techniques here also include visualization of a slimmer form while under hypnosis. This way, your subconscious will help you to realize your goal.

Does Hypnosis Work? You Decide

We hope that this post has helped you to understand more about all the different things hypnosis can help you to accomplish.

Whether you want to drop a few pounds, quit smoking, or even improve your work life, hypnosis is worth a try.

But does hypnosis work, really?

In the end, it’s all about finding techniques to accomplish the goals that work best for you. We can help you with that. In addition to hypnosis (or instead of it) check out our blog to learn more about the ways you can improve your life and achieve your dreams.

From learning how to sleep better to exploring holistic treatment options, we’ll help you to discover your best self.