Save the Trees! 7 Easy Ways to Get Your Office Completely Paper-Free

Who needs paper anymore?

Thanks to ever-advancing technology, paper products have become all but obsolete in the workplace. Which, is something that benefits everyone — not just you and your coworkers.

Beyond saving a few trees, a paperless office generates less waste, which can help your office be a little greener. On top of that, cutting paper out of your life can mean less clutter and better organization.

While the benefits of going paperless are innumerable, putting this change into effect can seem a little daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are seven easy ways of how to go paperless in your office so you can bring your workplace into a cleaner and greener future.

1. Power-Off the Printer

The easiest way to take a chunk out of your paper use is by making it harder to access paper. And, the fastest way to do that is by making it harder to print.

Start by implementing a rule that employees must turn off the printer after each use, or limit the time they can access the printer each day.

The harder it is to print, the more likely it will be that your coworkers will vie for the paperless option.

2. The Rules Apply to Everyone

If your employees aren’t allowed to use paper, then you shouldn’t use it either.

Adopting a one for all and all for one mentality will help your coworkers adapt to new paperless policies. Remember, the best way to lead is always by example.

3. Bank on the Web

Your financial situation is the backbone of your business. Which, is why keeping tabs on your bank statements are essential to your success.

But, considering that digital files are more manageable, using paper statements seems unnecessary.

Contact your bank and switch from paper statements to emailed ones. The Earth and your filing system will thank you.

4. Email Your Receipts

Digital receipts and invoices are just as real as physical ones. If your business has been accepting and distributing paper receipts and invoices, then its time for a change.

E-receipts and invoices are easy to create and send out and are an excellent way to help your office go paperless.

5. Ditch the Old Tech

Contrary to what Robert Zemeckis thought the future would be like, fax machines do not play a significant role in anyone’s life anymore.

If your office relies on a fax machine for anything at all — it’s time for a significant upgrade.

The hardest part of replacing your fax machine is picking a program to take its place. There are dozens of programs that allow you to fill out, sign, or edit documents — no paper needed.

6. Take to the Cloud

If you have a document you need all your employees to see getting it into everyone’s hands is as easy as clicking “share.”

Document sharing software and cloud services make sharing files a breeze. And, the best part, there’s no physical paper required.

7. Digitize All Internal Documents

If you run a small business, then odds are you have an employee handbook, work instructions, or document that you require all your employees to read.

Digitizing these kinds of documents can be as easy as tapping a button on a scanner or sending out a link.

Handing out a physical booklet can feel satisfying. But, digitizing your internal documents can be better for productivity in the long run.

How to Go Paperless

It seems like everyone is trying to go green these days, and for a good reason. Going paperless not only makes your office a little more environmentally friendly, but it also makes it more productive.

Now that you know how to go paperless, it’s time to get to work digitizing.

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