5 Heartwarming Stories of Inspirational Animals Who Survived Abuse


People love animals. In fact, it’s a scientific fact that some pet owners love their dogs as much as their children. 

And what’s not to love? Pets clean up whatever you spill on the floor, they are the best exercise partner, They never interrupt when you need to vent, and they love you no matter what. 

If you love animals, you cannot imagine anyone wanting to harm a helpless creature. Here are 5 heartwarming stories of inspirational animals who survived abuse.

Wheely Willy

Willy was found in a cardboard box with a sliced throat and severe spinal injuries. When he was taken to the local shelter, his injuries were treated, but his spine was too damaged. His spinal injuries left him a paraplegic. 

Deborah Turner worked as a groomer at the shelter. When she heard that Willy was going to be put down, she adopted him.

Deborah saw an ad for wheelchairs made for dogs. She knew this was the answer she was looking for. When Willy got his wheelchair he began to thrive. He gained attention wherever he went and was eventually featured on Animal Plant. 

He also has two children’s books written about him: How Willy Got His Wheels, and How Willy Got His Wings

Deborah and Willy worked hard to spread disability awareness and made visits to hospitals to spread cheer and inspiration.  

Michael Vick’s Dogs

51 dogs were taken from Michael Vick’s notorious fighting ring. Most dogs rescued from fighting rings are too traumatizes to ever make trustworthy pets. Experts were hoping to save maybe 4 or 5. 

Miraculously 47 were able to be rehabilitated and some have even been adopted into permanent homes. 

One dog, in particular, has inspired many. Johnny is now a therapy dog that helps kids overcome their shyness. 

Even though the dogs have been rescued, it takes a lot of work, patience, and training to help them overcome the fear and trauma of their earlier lifestyle.


It seems absurd that labs would use dogs for testing. But unfortunately, it still happens. Most labs who use animals will murder them, but Nelly was found in a locked crate on the side of a road in Florida. 

Nelly had many injuries including an untreated tumor on her leg. Her rescuers didn’t think she would make it, but after her horrifying start in life, she pulled through. 

Nelly was ultimately adopted by a woman named Teri who loves and adores her. Nelly spends her time posing for pictures for her Facebook page and going to clinics like Sykesville Veterinary Clinic to make sure she stays healthy. 


Puppy mills have received a lot of negative press lately and for the right reasons. Harley was one the leading activists against puppy mills. Harley was a tiny one-eyed Chihuahua who lived in horrendous conditions in a puppy mill. 

He was rescued by Dan and Rudi Taylor and soon became the face for puppy mill dogs everywhere. 

Harley, along with his owners, has worked hard to raise awareness of the horrible conditions found in puppy mills. Because of their work, the general population are now educated and know to adopt, and not shop for puppies.


Finn also came from a puppy mill. But because of his famous, heiress owner, he has become quite the Instagram influencer. 

Amanda Hearst has worked hard to raise awareness about puppy mills ever since she adopted Finn. She has worked with the Humane Society of the United States, founded the Friends of Finn committee, and recently starts a nonprofit called Finn2Finn that raises awareness for all kinds of animal cruelty. 

Because of Finn, many are being educated on the importance of protecting wildlife, using vegan products, and doing our part to protect our animal friends. 

We Love Our Inspirational Animals

No matter where you get your beloved pet, we can all appreciate our inspirational animal. They are here to give us companionship, hope, and love. 

Here’s to doing all we can to keep our pets happy, healthy, and thriving. And in return, they will continue to inspire us