Avoid the Dating Disasters: How to Have a Healthy Dating Life


You’ve finally gotten over your ex and are ready, perhaps hesitantly, to get back to dating life.

Deep down, you know that “the one” is out there, but the horror stories of failed relationships and marriages have you on the brink of giving up. Yet, you aren’t going down without a fight. You’ve met several people through friends or dating sites and are willing to give love a chance.

You’re not alone!

Millions of people around the world are looking for love. The problem is, they keep repeating the same mistakes that killed their last relationships.

So how do you break this vicious cycle and lead a healthy dating life?

Here’s what you need to do to improve your love life.

1. Define the Purpose of Your Relationship

Many relationships fail because the parties involved aren’t on the same page. Most people live in the moment and hope that their partners know where the relationship is heading. But this doesn’t always work out.

You and your partner need to define what your relationship is all about. Don’t be afraid to dive into the dating vs. relationship debate. Let your partner know if you want to be exclusive or not. And if anything changes, tell your partner so you’re always on the same page.

2. Respect Your Partner’s Individuality

Having shared interests and values is important in a relationship, but so is respecting your partner’s personality and interests. And while this is a common dating advice for women, men should also take note.

Don’t try to change your partner into someone he/she isn’t. Both of you came into the relationship with unique identities, and that shouldn’t change because you’ve formed a lasting bond. Let your partner see the real you so they can love you for who you really are.

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3. Let Your Partner Know Your Boundaries

Some ladies have problems with setting boundaries because they don’t want to come across as preachy. But you shouldn’t do something you’re not comfortable with just because your partner is pressuring you.

Clearly state your limits, and any guy who knows how to date a girl will respect them. Remember, a bad relationship is worse than being single.

4. Keep Your Friends Close

Too often, people ditch their friends the minute they find new love.  However, having close relationships with friends is one of the things that’ll make you happy and allow you to maintain your sense of identity.

Therefore, try to strike a balance such that you have enough time for both your partner and friends.

5. Manage Your Expectations

Love changes with time, and it’s easy to get frustrated when your expectations of “happily ever after” aren’t met. The rush of feelings you have at the beginning of your relationship won’t last forever, and it’s important to remember this when emotions fade a little along the way.

Take Charge of Your Dating Life

Dating life can be tough at times. But with these dating tips for men and women, you’ll be able to form healthier relationships.

Keep in mind that everyone’s love life is different, and you shouldn’t let anyone’s experiences discourage you. Write your own script and date on your terms. If it works, well and good. If it doesn’t, you’re advised to stay motivated and keep away from negative energy.