Feel Like Roughing It? Read These 6 Pro Camping Tips


Do you like the outdoors? Do you like camping? Do you like all the worry and the what-ifs that come with it?

If your answers were yes, yes, and no, then we have an article for you. These are camping tips we researched and even tried – so we stand behind them.

Give them a whirl for yourself below.

Research Your Campsites

The internet exists for a reason. There are plenty of sites out there that don’t just show you pictures of campsites. There are sites that show you pictures and give you in-depth information.

Either the site itself or the comments will tell you if there are bathrooms if they have hot water, and how close the local recreational areas are.

They’ll even tell you if it’s crowded during a certain month and when’s the best time to go. Why should you rough it and figure it out when other people have already done it for you?

The more popular and worthwhile the campsite is, the more rating sites it’ll be on. If you fall in love with one site, make sure the information is consistent across the web.

Some sites aren’t as updated as others, as most of these are volunteer run.

Plus, it helps to put somewhere into your GPS instead of just driving around on the road at trying to find a place with empty spots.

Finally – you can even reserve some sites ahead of time. That’ll make sure everything is ready for you when you come. You can get the site with water or electricity access instead of changing it and getting thrown in the spot to the back.

When you get back from the trip, return the favor that other strangers did for you. Leave reviews of the campsite, note anything that’s new or something that’s out of service or no longer there.

Your fellow future campers and even your future self will thank you!

Food Prep

No, this isn’t just something crazy Instagram-fit people do. You don’t have to take pictures of your table filled with tupperware and tupperwares of the same food.

You can, instead, prep some campfire-friendly meals to go. Bring a cooler and pack things in plastic bags. Raw chicken will keep on ice for quite some time.

Stick some chicken, pre-wrapped in tinfoil with some spices and garlic cloves. It’s the idea of parcel-wrapped food, but camping version.

That way when you get there all you have to do is set up your fire and throw the chicken in/on. We’d recommend some sort of grate so you’re not fishing in the embers with a stick to find your food.

You can also prep non-protein things, like vegetables and even smores. It’s a lot easier to put smores together when the kids are jumping up and down for them when you already have the stuff to go in pre-made baggies.

All you need to do is put a portion of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in a Ziploc bag.

Then when the timing is right, just give each child their bag. It also cuts down on kids sneaking more chocolate or marshmallows so they can run around on a sugar high.

You get what’s in your bag and you don’t throw a fit!

Bring Extra Padding

A great night’s sleep in the white noise of nature can really change your life. But not if there are rocks and lumps of hard dirt digging into your back.

You want to bring more padding than just the underbelly of your tent and your sleeping bag.

They make specialized camping sleeping mats, which are great and we totally recommend them. But if the budget is short. or the time is, you can use a yoga mat you have laying around the house.

Yoga mats are portable, light, and they can be strapped onto the back of a camping backpack. They’re also pretty water resistant, so you can lay it down on the river bank if you want to sit in a dry place for lunch.

When you’re ready to pack up, lay the yoga mat on a branch or something and let it drip dry. Or, find a clearing and turn it dirty side up to the sun. It’ll dry right off.

All you have to do after that is beat off the loose dirt and roll the mat back up!

Make Fires Easy

Making a fire at your campsite should be easy, or it could be a nightmare if there are wet legs or high wind gusts. And since there’s not a lot you can do while you’re camping without a fire, you need to figure out something, and quick!

Hopefully past you read this article and can come to the rescue with their pre-made fire starters. Not only are these super cheap, but most of them even recycle.

Like those cotton balls, you put your makeup on with. If there are some barely used ones, smear some vaseline on them and put them in a bag. The petroleum is flammable and the cotton easily lights.

Plus these weight like, maybe one ounce for enough for the entire trip? If you use brand new cotton balls, they can be part of your survival kit – as vaseline can seal small wounds from dirt and debris.

Another easy and recyclable solution is within arms reach – toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. Save up your dryer lint and your empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

Stuff a good amount of the lint in and close up the paper ends. Those are light and they light on fire quickly too!

Camping Tips

Camping should be a vacation away from the world. not a foray into stress and worry in the wilderness.

We hope you liked these camping tips and hope to bring you more in the future.

Don’t camp as often as you’d like? You can make those fire starters (as long as you include instructions) for other outdoorsy friends as gifts.

You’re not using that trash for anything else, so why not be kind?

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