Keep It Private: 5 Reasons You Might Need a Private Investigator


There are over 40,000 private investigators in the United States ready to help you get your questions answered. So how can a private investigator help you? 

Are you having marital problems such as infidelity, divorce, or a child custody dispute? A private investigator can stop the “he said she said” debate. 

Curious what other ways a PI can help you? Keep reading because we have five! 

1. Infidelity 

No one ever wants to suspect their spouse of cheating. A private investigator can confirm your suspicions with hard proof such as pictures or video. 

Once you have this evidence, you can decide whether or not you want to confront your spouse or start your search for a quality divorce attorney

2. Child Custody 

You’re probably already stressed and looking for tips or help in how to resolve your child custody case. The simple fact is that you need proof of the facts that you intend to claim in court. 

For a quality private investigator, customer service is key to a security agency being successful. This means that they will understand the sensitive nature of a child custody case. They will work with you by acting as a witness in proving compelling admissible facts. 

3. Company Background Checks 

You need to protect your company and do a background check on every employee you intend to hire. You also need to do a background check on the businesses that you plan to contract with. 

Private investigators can dig deep to ensure that you are going to do business with someone who is reputable. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who has a history of embezzlement. Or a company that has a history of making questionable business deals. 

4. Fraud or Embezzlement 

Every year businesses fall victim to theft, theft from within their own company. The problem with this type of theft is that you don’t know who you can trust while you investigate. 

You don’t want to accidentally warn the perpetrator by asking them for help in researching the fraud. Instead, go to an outside third party. A private investigator is a disinterested party that can cull your company’s records to find the culprit. 

5. Dating Background Check

In today’s world of online dating, you really don’t know who you are matched with. Remember, you are meeting a total stranger from the internet. Keep yourself safe by hiring a private investigator to check out that new beau. 

A private investigator is going to give you more in-depth information than what you can find by creeping social media profile. They will give you an accurate picture of your date’s criminal, marriage, and financial history. 

Why Do You Need a Private Investigator?

So what reason do you have for hiring a private investigator? Maybe you expect your spouse of infidelity. Or maybe you are trying to protect your business in some capacity.  

Whatever your reason, you need to choose a service that is focused on customer service. You want an investigator who understands the potentially stressful position that you are in. 

Do you need an attorney now that you have the results from hiring your private investigator? Then you need to read our guide to finding a lawyer you’ll enjoy working with.