Does Weed Help You Sleep? The Top 20 Health Benefits of Cannabis


By the year 2027, it’s predicted that the cannabis industry will reach a size of $57 billion dollars. In other words, it’s a massive industry.

One huge reason it’s so popular is because of its many health benefits. Some people, however, still are unaware of them. For example, a common question is, “Does weed help you sleep?”

Keep reading to find the answer to this question and many others. In no time you’ll be an expert on all of the health benefits of cannabis.

1. Does Weed Help You Sleep?

Many people self medicate for insomnia with marijuana. But does it actually help?

Yes, for some people. Research showed that people without mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.) who used marijuana intermittently had improved sleep cycles after consumption.

The same research showed that people with mood disorders or those who consume alcohol and other drugs actually had worse sleep with weed.

Not everybody should use weed to sleep. 

2. It’s Vegan

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, using marijuana can help you avoid medications that include animal products or are tested on animals.

3. Lose Weight

Cannabis can help to regulate the body’s insulin production. So many users find that it helps them lose weight. 

It can help to improve your metabolic rate so that your body absorbs nutrients and processes calories better.

Not sure where to find a dispensary? Discover more resources here.

4. Lower Risk of Diabetes

Recent research found that cannabis users were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

CBD users especially experience lower risk because of its appetite suppressant capabilities.

5. Reduce Mood Swings

Marijuana has been used to help people who experience extreme moods regulate their moods.

Medical marijuana was even used to treat the violent rages in a young man. Alex Echols was born with a condition that causes non-malignant tumors to grow all over his body and brain causing self-directed harm.

He uses medical marijuana to reduce his harmful mood swings.

6. Helps Treat Seizures

Epilepsy isn’t curable, but you can treat the symptoms.

The FDA has approved a medication, Epidolex, for treatment of people over the age of 2 with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Epidolex is a CBD oral solution. 

7. Heal Broken Bones

Studies have shown that cannabis users with broken bones heal faster

This is because CBD helps collagen grow quicker and stronger. Collagen is the binding protein in bones and tissue.

8. Treat Your ADHD

Marijuana is far safer than the drugs (Ritalin, Adderall, etc.) used to treat ADD and ADHD.

And it’s effective in lessening symptoms.

9. Fight Addiction

Cannabis has bee shown to reduce the withdrawal symptoms from heroin, opiates, cocaine, alcohol, and cigarettes. It has been shown to help people become free from addiction.

Be careful in your marijuana use. It is possible to become addicted to that substance, so make sure to take it as directed by a physician.

10. Help Treat Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression

As we pointed out earlier, cannabis has been shown to help prevent severe mood swings.

In a similar way, it can help treat feelings of anxiety (intense worry), post-traumatic stress disorder (extreme fear), and depression (severe sadness). Taken in moderation, cannabis can help to lift your mood and keep you calm. 

11. Treat Chronic Pain

Marijuana is one of the safest pain treatments available. Many people suffering from chronic pain become addicted to opioids and other pain medications prescribed.

Marijuana can be addictive, but not in the same intensity as other pain medications. It also has far fewer negative side effects.

12. Manage Side Effects From HIV/AIDS

While cannabis can’t cure HIV/AIDS it can help with the side effects. 

Many HIV/AIDS patients experience a loss of appetite which can worsen their condition from malnutrition. Cannabis can help regulate their appetite.

It also is commonly used to treat pain and discomfort associated with HIV/AIDS.

13. Treat Nausea

Cannabis alters the way that our brain processes the feeling of nausea.

Many chemotherapy patients experience severe nausea and medicate with cannabis to help them curb nausea and maintain a healthy diet.

14. Heal Eczema

Smoking marijuana will not improve the condition of your skin, it can actually make it worse. However, using a topical cannabis oil has been shown to heal eczema and chronic dryness of the skin.

15. Healing From Eating Disorders

CBD has been shown to help regulate and normalize eating patterns.

People who have disordered eating behaviors (whether eating too much or too little) have shown improvement in the ability to maintain a regular diet by using CBD.

16. Treat Glaucoma

Smoking marijuana has been shown to reduce pressure on the eyes, so it’s effective in helping treat glaucoma conditions. It should not be the primary or only method of treatment, but it can supplement other treatments.

17. Muscle Spasms

People with multiple sclerosis often experience muscle spasms as a side effect of their condition. There is convincing data that shows marijuana as a viable treatment for preventing this side effect.

18. Cancer

Certain compounds derived from cannabis have been shown to prevent cancer from metastasizing or spreading.

This can reduce the fatality rate of cancer and allow for further treatment and healing.

Many cancer patients also use medical marijuana to treat pain.

19. Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is caused in part by a buildup of amyloid plaques that kill brain cells.

THC can block the enzymes in the brain that produces amyloid plaques, slowing their effects. Other studies showed that mixtures of CBD and THC improved memory.

20. Helps With Arthritis Pain

Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties making it effective in helping relieve arthritis pain and swelling. Studies showed that it even helped arthritic patients sleep better. 

Remember This

 Next time someone asks “Does weed help you sleep?” you’ll know what to tell them. You’ll be able to tell them about all the health benefits of marijuana.

As research continues we’re sure to find out more medical uses for marijuana. Check out our health and fitness feed for more on living your healthiest lifestyle!