Let the Good Times Roll: How to Make Cool Memories Videos With Your Vacation Snapshots


It is not enough anymore to make memories on your family vacation. You need to preserve those memories. And now, with video software, you can turn those memories into dynamic pieces of art.

Apps like Adobe Spark, Animoto, iMovie, and the various memories videos apps in Windows 10 all offer powerful platforms for creating a video or slideshow that is unique to your family. The question then becomes how to use these apps to make your videos.

Where do you start? What are the tactics to use when you want to create a video for a family reunion, to show grandparents, or for your own personal use? Are they different?

They are, and we will guide you through these processes now. Keep reading to find out how to use these technologies to your advantage.

Making Memories Videos You Will Never Forget

Here is what we are not going to provide in this guide. This will not be a technical walk-through of the steps to creating a photo album in Windows 10.

Instead, we want to provide birds-eye-view tactics for how to approach these projects with an artistic eye. That way, you can apply these tips, no matter what software you happen to be using.

Take a look, and see how you can start a unique family tradition of sharing your vacation photos with various groups.

Group Your Photos

This first tip is one of organization. And it comes from the analog tradition of, get this, creating a photo album. Remember those padded books from your childhood?

The best physical photo albums got one thing majorly right. When they were organized well, they told stories. Those stories could be about a specific year in your life or a particular location that meant a lot to your family.

You want to find similar organizing principles for the photos in your videos. There is a great guide to the philosophy behind photo organization here: https://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.appo.org/resource/collection/3527793A-10E2-42C7-839F-8AD1B6CFC6B1/Module5_REVISED.pdf.

Even if you are just creating a slideshow for a single vacation, think about the distinct locations from that vacation. You could create one group for the beach, another for the various local spots you visited, and a whole group from that one fancy dinner you ate. If you took a vacation with multiple destinations, the categories may suggest themselves.

Know Your Audience

Who will you show your videos? Are these for grandparents? If so, you may want to load up on pictures of your kids, since you know that is what they want to see.

Are you repurposing these photos for a work slideshow? Maybe you work in an architectural firm and want to show off the Mayan ruins you saw? If so, you might not need pictures of people at all!

The point is this. Once you have the idea of grouping your mind, you can use your audience to further refine how you tell these stories.

Add Captions

We think combining photos is fun. Some people feel like it is a chore. But everyone can get in on the fun of adding text to your video.

Adobe Spark is especially adept in this regard. You can download it at https://spark.adobe.com/make/video-maker/.

Use your captions to communicate essential details of the places you visited, or simply crack jokes. The tone you use is up to you.

Memories! Misty Water Colored Videos!

The stories you tell are only limited by your imagination. When you keep these tips in mind, we have no doubt you will create memories videos that are touching and funny. Making the videos may become memories in and of themselves!

We hope these tips have sparked your imagination for creating photo and video projects. Once you are done choosing your software and guiding principles, check out these secrets to raising a happy and healthy family.