Seven Sweet Customer Service Stories That Will Make Your Day Brighter


The best customer service stories don’t involve big discounts or fancy techniques designed to grab the public’s attention, like TD Bank’s gift-giving ATM

Instead, they’re often simple accounts of employees who’ve shown compassion and kindness by making an exception for a customer in need. 

Here, we pay tribute to some great customer service stories that are sure to melt your heart and leave a tear in your eye. 

1. Trader Joe’s One-Off Delivery Service

Great customer service stories often start with a problem, which is exactly what one 89-year-old man had when he was snowed in and unable to buy groceries. His concerned daughter phoned several supermarkets asking for them to deliver goods to him. Although, as there was a storm coming, the markets refused. 

As a last resort, she called Trader Joe’s, who don’t normally deliver. But, to her surprise, they agreed. Not only that, there was no charge and the food arrived a mere 30 minutes later!

2. Free Interview Advice at Target

Like many examples of good customer service situations, the story of a teenager looking for a tie at Target went viral after being shared by a fellow customer. 

The young man in question was searching for a clip-on tie for an interview. Target doesn’t sell those, so Target employee Dennis Roberts took it upon himself to show the teen how to tie a regular tie.

The employee then went on to demonstrate how to give a proper handshake, as well as how to tackle several tough interview questions.  

And, in case you were wondering, the teen got the job! Perhaps Dennis Roberts should consider a change of career – he’s clearly got what it takes to be an employment advisor! 

3. McDonald’s Extra Table Service

A McDonald’s customer was brought to tears while watching this touching example of compassionate customer service so you’d better get the tissues ready.

An elderly man in a wheelchair approached a cashier in a busy downtown branch of McDonald’s. The man asked the cashier for help but no one was sure what help the customer needed exactly. The cashier suggested some ways he could help, and was then able to work out that the customer needed help cutting up and eating his meal. 

Without hesitation, the cashier closed his register, washed his hands and put a pair of gloves on. He then went and sat at the customer’s table, cut up his food and helped him eat. 

Not only does this story show the employee’s true act of kindness, but it also highlights his excellent communication skills. And, as anyone who works in customer service knows, excellent communication, as provided by New Era Communication, is key to optimum customer care.  

4. Southwest Airlines’ Runway Wait

This next amazing customer service story begins with the tragedy of a three-year-old boy, who was beaten to near-death by his mother’s boyfriend. 

The boy’s grandfather was told the devastating news and then had to rush from LA to Denver to say his last goodbyes. His journey was against the clock as his grandson’s life support was due to be switched off so that his organs could be used to save lives. 

The man’s wife called Southwest Airlines to explain the situation and was able to arrange a last-minute flight. Then, although the man arrived at LAX two hours before the flight, he arrived at the gate 12 minutes late. 

But, much to the man’s surprise, the plane was still there. The pilot had refused to take off until the man was on board. It took guts for the pilot to stand his ground and hold a plane full of passengers for one man. Luckily, Southwest Airlines commended his behavior and said how proud they were of him.  

5. Joshie the Giraffe’s Ritz Carlton Adventure

When it comes to funny customer stories, the tale of Joshie the stuffed giraffe is the stuff of legends. 

After staying at the Ritz Carlton resort on Amelia Island, Chris Hurn’s young son was upset to have left Joshie behind. 

Hurn managed to convince his son that Joshie was taking an extended break at the resort, and then called the Ritz to explain the situation. Luckily, staff had found Joshie, and they were more than happy to go along with Hurn’s story when he asked if they could send a picture of Joshie on a lounge chair. 

But, the staff didn’t stop there. They also took photos of Joshie getting a massage, hanging out with his stuffed friends and driving a golf cart. The staff then put all the photos in a binder and created a Loss Prevention ID card for Joshie.

6. The Waitress’ Grateful Gesture

The best customer service professionals put their customers first, even when they’re having troubles of their own. 

And that’s exactly what waitress Liz Woodward did when she served two firefighters one morning. When the firefighters went to pay their check, Liz gave them a handwritten note thanking them for their courage and fearless service and said that their breakfasts were on her.

The firefighters were so touched that one of them posted the note on Facebook and urged his friends to support the business and give Liz a generous tip. 

But, the story doesn’t end there. The firefighters then learned of a crowdfunding campaign to get Liz’s quadriplegic dad a wheelchair accessible van for $17,000. The firefighters encouraged others to donate, and the campaign soon broke $70,000, which was far more than the original target. 

7. Wendy’s Offers Shelter from the Rain

Wendy’s might be well-known for serving some serious sass on Twitter. But, this final customer service story shows that Wendy’s employees provide excellent customer service too. 

Although the story lacks details, a photograph captured by a customer shows how a Wendy’s employee went outside to get an umbrella from one of the tables. The employee then sheltered an elderly man from heavy rain while he walked to his car. 

It’s a sweet story that shows how providing the best customer service experience doesn’t have to be about big discounts or funny stories. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of kindness like this. 

Customer Service Stories to Brighten Your Day

We’re always more than willing to complain about bad customer service experiences. But, as these customer service stories show, there are lots of great examples of positive customer experiences which need to be shared and celebrated. 

Not to mention, we could all learn from these inspiring examples of compassion and kindness. Whether you work in customer service or not, good deeds like these can make the world a better place. 

And, as an added bonus, although kindness is its own reward, giving back can also make you happier