From Bitcoin Mining to YouTube Videos: 9 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep


Tired of the 9 to 5 slog? Need more money but don’t want to spend all your free time on a side job? Then you have come to the right place.

If you are looking to make some money on the side without having to spend all your free time, you should get creative. Read on as we take a look at 9 legitimate ways to make money while you sleep.

1. Bitcoin Mining

Mining is what makes bitcoin safe and reliable. It requires powerful computers to solve difficult algorithms. These algorithms are used to verify bitcoin transactions, which adds to the total value of the coin.

Whoever mines bitcoins is rewarded by the network, which has made millions of users turn their computers into bitcoin mining rigs. They just set up one or more machines to do the work and they only have to wait for the money to roll in.

In the early days of bitcoin, you could have your PC mine bitcoins in the background. Today, this is no longer viable since bitcoin mining has become a lot more difficult. To boost profitability and make enough money off bitcoin mining, you might have to invest in a Bitmain Antminer S9 miner.

2. Cloud Mining

You can still make money with bitcoin even if you don’t have the resources to buy a dedicated bitcoin mining rig.

Cloud mining gives you the power to invest in bitcoin and make money without any expensive hardware. This type of mining works with subscriptions. You pay a big company to mine bitcoins, and they give you a portion of their earnings.

Cloud mining may not make you enough money to change your career, but it can provide you with a neat, passive cash boost.

3. Youtube Videos

Make sure you’re sitting before you read this: The 10 most popular YouTubers all made over ten million dollars in the past year.

It is true that you can make a fortune if you manage to get millions of youtube views. The top Youtubers all have billions of annual views.

But, you can still make a tidy sum even with a few thousand views. Youtube will pay you if your videos become popular, and you can also sell sponsored products through your videos as well.

4. Online Ads

If you own one or more websites, you can monetize them in minutes with services like Google Ads.

With these services, you effectively allow advertisers to display their ads on your website. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser will pay you.

Keep in mind you don’t control the content of the ads, and they will always lead visitors away from your website, so use online ads only if you are not monetizing your website in any other way.

5. Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to monetizing your website, online ads are just the tip of the iceberg. There are people making five figures a month through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing works much like Google Ads, but you work directly with the advertiser as their affiliate. You promote their products or services through your site and get a commission whenever people click on the affiliate links on your website.

6. Crowdfunded Real Estate

There’s a lot of money in real estate. But, it costs a lot to buy any property, so until recently few people could tap into that amazing moneymaker.

Today, you can join a crowdfunding platform like Fundrise or Rich Uncles and invest in real estate with just a few dollars!

7. Lead Generation

Lead generation works a bit like affiliate marketing, but with more focus and more potential for passive profits.

You can build a lead generation website to generate referrals for local businesses. The entire website will aim to convert traffic to leads, which can then become paying customers for your business partners.

With lead generation, you could even sell your own products or services and keep all the profits yourself. But, this would require some active work from your part.

8. Sell on Amazon

Did you know you can sell products on Amazon without actually having to do anything? Yes, you can set up a sales page, arrange Amazon to ship the products from your supplier, and just lay back as money rolls in your bank account!

If you sell books, Amazon will print them on demand for your buyers, so you don’t have to do anything yourself. Just upload your book and Amazon will do the rest.

9. Sell Mobile Apps

Finally, if you have some technical expertise, there is a lot of money in selling mobile apps. The top-selling apps are making millions every month, and some took only a few thousand dollars to make.

If you have a solid idea for a mobile app which will sell, you don’t even need to program it yourself. Today, you can just hire a team of professional software developers to build your app. When the app is ready, you only have to upload it once to start seeing a profit.

Ready to Make Money While You Sleep?

We have just shown you how to make money while you sleep. You can sell stuff online, build a passive moneymaker, mine bitcoins, and even record your everyday life for money. Thousands of people are making money with the above tips, and you could be next.

If you want to build some passive income and improve your finances, bookmark our blog and check back for more valuable tips to help you become financially stable.