9 Hot Stocks to Watch in 2019: The Best ‘Strong Buy’ Investments That Analysts Love


The stock market in 2019 looks to be just as volatile as it was in 2018.

With everything so up in the air, a lot of investors are choosing to sit this one out. Their thinking is that it’s not worth the constant stress of watching your stocks go up down day after day. 

But you’re a savvy with stocks, you don’t worry yourself with day to day market choppiness. There are bullish stocks out there navigating these waters and even making gains.

As the new year approaches, you want to make sure you start yourself off on the right foot. Bad investments could really put a damper on your financial year. 

Are you looking for the best stocks to buy in 2019? Discover nine hot stocks the analysts recommend as ‘strong buys’ that should fatten investor’s portfolios.

1. Starbucks (SBUX)

Because of its omnipresence in society, people have grown bored with Starbucks. Its stock has languished for the last three years due to the threat of growing domestic competition. However, 2019 looks to be a big comeback for SBUX.

If you thought there was one on every block in America, by 2022 there could be two on every block in China. The company announced that in four years they will be opening a new store at the rate of one every fifteen hours!

China is one of the world’s biggest markets and Starbucks’ inevitable takeover of this nation means its stock will be bouncing back. 

2. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (OLLI)

Almost everyone buys their products online now. The brick and mortar stores are becoming a thing of the past. Why would you want to invest in a retail chain?

Because Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is actually taking advantage of the closing retail stores. When a big store goes under, Ollie’s swoops in and buys up its products. They can then sell these goods at amazing prices.

A store with this concept is something that will actually get people out of their homes to shop IRL. That is definitely something worth investing in.

3. Wayfair (W)

If you want to do stock trading in online sales, look past Amazon and try Wayfair. Over the past few years, Amazon has finally established itself as a term position. It’s road the e-commerce outlet boom all the way to the top. 

Wayfair could very well be the next Amazon, on a smaller scale. Though it’s still fighting to achieve positive net income, its shares continue to rise. If they can turn a positive gain in 2019, you could also gain a lot from investing in them.

4. FedEx (FDX)

Another way to take advantage of the e-commerce boom is to invest in the delivery of all those packages. With more and more online orders every day, FedEx has never been busier. 

The stock did take a big hit during the Chinese tariff war. Investors were worried about a possible shipment slowdown. However, FedEx came through and now you can grab it at a discounted rate.

5. Intel (INTC)

Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor firm and is always a steady performer. Some have grown concerned from the sluggish sales with their PC chips. But its other opportunities are what has analysts excited about Intel’s prospects in 2019.

They are a big part of the huge tech movement, Internet of Things (IoT). Because of IoT, soon all your appliances will be online. Intel’s chips and hardware are a huge part of this fast-growing trend.

An investment in Intel is an investment in IoT. 

6. McDonald’s (MCD)

While you weren’t looking, McDonald’s has been quietly modernizing. They’re in the process of upgrading all their chains around the world. New, sleekly designed restaurants and a raised quality of food, positions McDonald’s dominance in the fast food market for years to come.

Don’t get too excited. There doesn’t seem to be any big rise in the MCD stock in the near future. But, this is a great time for investment in the McDonalds of the future.  

7. Amarin (AMRN)

Biotech has become a huge global market in recent years. With so many new companies popping up seemingly daily, it’s hard to keep tabs on who’s performing the best. Any of these burgeoning biotech businesses could pop off at any moment.

Amarin is definitely one of those companies to watch. This biopharmaceutical company is an industry leader in creating medications that lower high triglycerides.

Even if you don’t have a doctorate, you can at least appreciate that a first to market a prescription drug can be a cash cow. Plus, the risk on this stock is low. The reward could be huge.

8. Nexstar Media Group (NXST)

The media landscape is ever changing. With companies always merging and swallowing smaller competition, it’s hard to keep track of who is on top. Because of some big moves in 2018, Nexstar Media Group is poised to make huge gains in 2019.

Nexstar is absorbing Tribune Media for a whopping 4.1 billion dollars. It’s a hefty price tag, but this acquisition will make Nextstar the largest regional TV station operation in the US. Take their cue and absorb this stock ASAP.

9. Canopy Growth (CGC)

With the widespread legalization in cannabis, everyone is waiting to see who will benefit. Many medical and recreational marijuana producing companies have been going public. Which one of these will break away from the pack in 2019?

Canopy Growth is an international company based in Canada. Already with major name recognition in the industry, 2019 could prove to be huge for CGC. Canada has become the first major nation to legalize marijuana and Canopy Growth will become its biggest supplier.

Canadian and this stock are going to get very high in 2019.

Grab These Hot Stocks Before It’s Too Late!

Make all your financial new year’s resolutions come true. Invest in these hot stocks today while you still can get them at a nice price. Then watch them gain more and more value over 2019.

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