Are You Broke and a Joke? Here Are 4 Things to Do If You Need Money Now

need money now

Life is full of ups and downs. Stuff happens, including sudden financial emergencies. Car maintenance, unexpected job loss, illness. All pricey things that can happen at any moment.

Yet, less than 40% of people could handle even a $1,000 emergency.

Are you averting your eyes because this hits home? If you are currently finding yourself saying “I need money now,” keep reading. Below are four viable options that can help you out when money is tight.

1. Have a Car? Make it Work for You

Flexible hours and near constant demand, driving people around is a great way to quickly make some extra money. With Uber and Lyft, it is easier than ever to achieve this.

After applying and approval, you will use an app to determine when you work. This type of gig is perfect to do in the hours between other jobs you may have.

Riders can provide tips on top of regular fare, so be sure to keep your car clean and comfortable. Be friendly, but take cues from riders on how much they want to talk. Sometimes people just want a quiet ride.

Shoot for peak hours like traditional commuting hours or times when local bars close.

2. Share Your Space with Travellers

People love traveling, but not spending a fortune on lodgings. Do you have a spare room or guest home you are willing to open up to people?

If so, Airbnb and similar services may be the perfect way for you to make a few extra dollars. These companies make it easy to rent rooms, homes, or even couches to travelers looking for a deal.

Depending on your city and exact space, you could make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars in one week!

Worried about your space getting wrecked? Most sites will have some sort of insurance policy to reimburse for damages. You can charge cleaning fees and security deposits as well.

3. Grocery Shop for Others When You Need Money Now

Are you someone who enjoys going to the grocery store? Like following a strict list? Consider putting those likes to use to make you some extra cash.

For example, Instacart is a service that delivers groceries to people. Similar to Uber and Lyft, you choose when you’d like to work.

How much you will make depends on things like how large the order is and how far you have to travel. Tips are common, so be careful not to damage a customer’s groceries to make more money!

4. Quick and Easy Loans

If you feel as though every minute of your day is already spent working and the above options don’t work for you, don’t despair. Have you heard about payday loans?

Companies like LittleLoans provide cash loans when you really need them. These type of loans are helpful when you are down on your luck.

Unsure how your creditworthiness stacks up? Check here for a few tips to improve your score and chances of approval.

Don’t Let Money Struggle Get You Down

These are just four easy ways to get money quickly. There are plenty more including dog walking an donating plasma. When you need money now all it takes is some determination.

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