Learning Curves: How to Teach Yourself Spanish in a Flash


¡Como estas! Are you ready to learn Spanish? Spanish is one of the most common languages spoken in the US so it can be beneficial for you to learn it.

Many jobs require bilingual associates, you want to be able to communicate, and learning a new language can be interesting and fun. Cracking open a textbook is one of the vital ways to learn but your mind can start to wander off after a bit. So, you can also travel to Spanish-speaking countries or pop in a podcast.

These aren’t the only ways on how to teach yourself Spanish, there are many others. Here are just a few fun ways that you can do it.

1. Find a Passion for Learning Spanish

Before you start your journey teaching yourself Spanish, it’s best that you find a reason or passion for learning the language. If not, your enthusiasm might fizzle out half-way through. Your passion is what drives you on a tough day when something in your books just doesn’t make sense. 

Passion is different from person to person. You might have a lover who speaks Spanish, or maybe you just moved to a new area that is largely Spanish speaking. Any reason is a valid one, and it never hurts to have multiple reasons. 

2. Crack Open a Textbook 

Next, you’re actually going to get around to working out of your textbook. Find a simple Spanish book for beginners that has exercises and explanations that you can easily understand. 

Do exercises out of this book for at least an hour a day. If you come across a section that is particularly difficult for you, no worries. It’s okay to skip over the section and come back to it later or backtrack and redo previous exercises until you get the hang of it.

When you’re feeling frustrated take a deep breath, grammar is tricky in any language. Also, If you need a good Spanish book to get you started, read more here for some great options. 

3. Watch Spanish Movies and TV Shows with Subtitles 

You’ll be surprised how much you will actually pick up from watching Spanish TV with subtitles. It helps for you to hear different phrases while reading them at the same time. 

Remember that watching them isn’t purely for entertainment when you’re learning. Feel free to grab a notebook and listen out for key phrases that you can read back over later. 

4. Listen to Spanish Podcasts

Many Spanish podcasts that you can get are specially made for beginners. The sentences are spoken slower so you can clearly understand it. It helps if you pause the podcast and repeat after it often.

This will help things stick. Podcasts are great because it’s more convenient than lugging around a textbook. You can just pop in a pair of earbuds and listen to it on your phone on the way to work. 

5. Travel to Spanish-Speaking Countries 

This might be a little out of your price range unless work or school allows you to travel, but traveling to Spanish-speaking countries is a great learning experience.

You can practice what you’ve learned with people who speak the language. You can also pick up new phrases from them as well. It helps to travel to different countries because some Spanish-speakers have different slang terms and accents than others. 

This is a step that you can take after you’ve learned a little bit and have gained enough confidence. 

6. Spend time in Spanish-Speaking Environments

Before go you buy plane tickets, or if you can’t afford to go to a different country, you can go to Spanish-speaking areas and get sort of the same effect. Something as simple as going to a Spanish restaurant and ordering in the language is a learning experience. 

This is helpful because it can give you a little confidence and satisfaction. Imagine struggling with a language for a few months and then you order off the menu and the waitress can understand you. It’s a great way to test your progress. 

7. Sing Along to Spanish Songs that You Like

Spanish songs are fairly diverse. You’ll find stuff from salsa to more western genres like rap and hip-hop. It shouldn’t be hard for you to find something that you like in other words. 

Once you’ve found a song, treat it like you would a song in your high school choir. sing it over and over and learn the words and notes by section. As you go along, look up the words that you don’t already know. You’ll learn new phrases, and music is a lot of fun.  

8. Find a Spanish-Speaking Conversational Partner 

If you’re not confident to go out on the town to practice your phrases, you can also find a Spanish-speaking conversational partner. You can find one in a variety of ways. 

You can probably go through language programs at your school or university, use craigslist, or look into your own friend pool. There may already be someone among your Facebook friends who you can turn to. 

How to Teach Yourself Spanish in Just a Few Steps

Are you ready to start your path of learning Spanish? There are many fun ways for you to do it. No language is completely easy to learn but if you use these tips on how to teach yourself Spanish, you’ll be throwing phrases out in no time. 

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