Document Everything: 5 Sentimental Scrapbook Ideas for Your Next DIY Project


Did you know that the more we visit memories, the more they change? It’s true–these are called flashbulb memories.

That gives us even more reason to write them down as we remember them ASAP. Or scrap them down, with these scrapbook ideas.

Get inspired below.

Pencil Erasers

You know what you have all around the house but have never thought about creating art with? Pencil erasers!

They’re the perfect circular shape and they don’t hold color – as long as you wipe them off between colors. Dip them in paint or touch them to an ink pad and dot-dot-dot away!

Use Polaroids

Those little new Polaroid cameras are everywhere and the cameras themselves are very affordable. You’ll pay like $70 for the camera itself.

The film itself, actually, is expensive — but ten photos will actually get you a lot of page usage. There’s just something so cute about Polaroid pictures and now, the film comes in different decorative styles.

Cut Your Pictures

Do you have any paper-cutting shape tools or even a Cricut machine? You can use it to cut your photos into themed shapes.

If you’re using a Cricut, this can be tricky, make sure you know where the people are in the photo you’re cutting out. you don’t want to just throw a shape on your cutting board and cut the head off your photo subjects!

The Cricut app has a setting where you can snap a picture of what’s on your sticky board and use up that exact amount of product. It helps you not waste any expensive vinyl, etc.

But in this case, you could show it where the photo you want to use it. If you don’t have the app – it’s totally worth it.

Use Maps

Do you have a travel-themed page? You know what makes a really great background? A map of that place.

Not only is it thematic and it adds visual interest, but the map colors are usually muted. That means you can choose other colors to use on your page, that aren’t on the map.

Or maybe you want to pull that same blue out of the ocean as an accent color. Either way, it’s up to you. Check out some of these supplies from Winc Online.

If you have some embroidery thread and want to map a journey, embroider the path you took from country to country or city to city. It’s cute and tactile, much better than those pokey red-tipped pins.

Make a Washi Tape Banner

We don’t know about you, but we think banners and bunting are the cutest things in the whole world. And this is one of the easiest ways to make one without paying for specialized stickers.

Simply take some Washi tape and fold it over on itself. Cut out the bottom to make an inverted triangle. Then you poke little holes in the top to put the string through.

Simple and cheap – what’s better?

Scrapbook Ideas

With all the new craft supplies and suppliers on the market, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Hopefully, these scrapbook ideas give you some new inspiration and bring your memories new life. 

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