Sober Inspiration: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay and Complete Rehab


90 percent of people who suffer from an addiction don’t attend rehab. But why? 

Many people either don’t recognize that they have an addiction or are too scared to seek help. 

Addiction comes in many different forms, including drugs, alcohol, and gambling addictions. But with the right treatment, all of these addictions can be a thing of the past. 

Are you trying to complete rehab but having a hard time? Here is some inspiration for you and life-changing reasons why you should stay.

1. More Likely to Recover

Addicts who go to rehab are more likely to recover than those who try to stop their addiction “cold turkey” on their own. 

No matter what your addiction or your reason for attending rehab, your chances of recovery are higher when you seek professional help. Drug treatment centers have medical experts who are knowledgeable about addiction and available 24/7. 

You are also more likely to recover when you’re removed from your environment. It’s hard to avoid your addiction when you are still hanging out with the same people who used to enable your addiction. 

2. Could Save Your Life

The most convincing reasons to complete drug rehabilitation is that it could save your life. 

In 2017, there were 72,000 overdose deaths. That’s thousands of people who lost their life due to their addiction. Addiction can be tough, but it’s not worth losing your life over. 

Instead, seek help now before you put your life at risk. 

3. Develop Healthy Routine, Habits

Wondering what you are going to do in rehab? Rehab allows you to develop healthy routines and habits. 

During rehab, you’ll get into a healthy sleeping, eating, and exercise routine. You’ll also have a consistent routine for therapy and group sessions. By knowing what to expect and keeping yourself busy you’ll be less likely to fail. 

You’ll also learn healthy habits to participate in instead of your addiction. Maybe you’ll find a love for reading or you’ll learn a new hobby. Either way, you’ll find new healthy habits to fulfill you.

4. Helps More Than Just Addiction

If you get help from a drug treatment center, they’ll concentrate on helping more than just your addiction. They’ll search to find the root of your addiction and work to heal whatever ails your mind or body. 

Maybe you suffer from depression and use alcohol to get you through dark days. Or maybe you had a severe accident several years ago and began abusing medication which led to your addiction. 

Either way, rehab will help discover these underlying issues and work to treat them through therapy or medical attention. 

5. Create a Support System

Still asking, “should I go to rehab?” The answer is yes. Rehab provides you with a support system to help your addiction recovery process. 

During the rehabilitation process, you’ll gain a support system of fellow recovering addicts. It’s important to be in contact with people who know the addiction struggles you are fighting on a daily basis. You can lean on these people when times get tough. 

You will also gain a support system by finding out who among your family and friends support your recovery. Those who stick by you while you are in rehab are the people who you should remain in contact with afterward. 

Need More Inspiration to Complete Rehab?

If these five reasons aren’t enough to convince you to complete rehab, don’t give up. Keep searching for your inspiration and motivation. 

Try learning about how fulfilling your life after rehab could be or read about inspirational celebrities who have conquered addiction. 

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