Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Your Partner and You


Uh-oh. Your anniversary is fast approaching, and you’ve run out of ideas. 

You want this one to be special. You want it to be romantic and dazzling. 

And you’re completely at a loss. 

Fear not, our big-hearted, much-in-love readers. We know just what you need. If you require some “wow”-worthy anniversary ideas, look no further. 

From sizzlingly romantic to warm and cuddly, we have five of the most passionate anniversary gifts right here. 

1. You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers

Well, you can. After all, having flowers delivered is so one-and-done. But not the way we suggest doing it. 

Spice up the romance and add a little twist to the gesture. Include a handwritten poem, love letter or (if you’re not the writer type) a small memorabilia of your past experiences. 

Make it even more devastatingly romantic by including a note explaining the meaning behind each type of flower. And time it right. 

Use the flowers as a foreshadowing of what will come later that night. Read all about it on this blog.

2. Who Can Say “No” to a Home Massage?

If you want to get things saucy, turn your home into a romantic getaway. Sprinkle petals around the house and get everything ready for a bubble bath. 

Light those candles you have lying around, purchase massage oils and break out the wine. 

Consider adding a floor picnic complete with the meal the two of you ate on your first date or wedding. 

3. Create Something Together

Mix passion with fun and sentimental value by creating something unique together. Aim for an activity you’ll know your loved one will enjoy. 

Just a few options include:

  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Cooking
  • Stories
  • Music

You may have to purchase the material and do some research yourself, but the smile on his or her face and the laughs you share will make it all worth it.

4. Say It in Song

If you’re the musical type, there is nothing so heart-stopping as a song written just for that particular someone. 

You don’t have any musical talent? Then pick his or her favorite romantic song, find the track without the singer’s voice and add your sultry tones to it. Don’t worry–even if it’s awful, it will have a romantic impact.

Create and/or perform your song to get swoon-worthy responses, but always keep your partner’s personality in mind. If he or she is an attention-lover, go all out: set up the event in advance at a romantic restaurant or another public place with meaning. 

Is your better half a shy type? Make it a personal exchange for just the two of you.

5. Be Thoughtful

The key to any successful anniversary gift is to show you’ve been listening. Make a list of everything your partner has desired, griped about or craved in the past few months. 

See if you can make a day full of everything you can fit in and afford. Even cleaning the house and having those pastries your someone loves so much waiting on the kitchen table does wonders. 

Anniversary Ideas? Check. 

Making your anniversary special doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Adding just the right amount of thoughtfulness, intrigue and romance is all it takes. 

If you’ve been having your ups and downs lately, as every relationship does, this anniversary may just be the chance to turn it all around. 

But every good relationship takes more than a single day of romance. Find out how to revitalize your relationship here. In the meantime, start preparing for that special day with only the best anniversary ideas.