4 Amazing Street Art Examples to Inspire You to Change Your Life

amazing street art

Street art can range from bizarre to breathtaking, but it also raises awareness about social and political problems in a bold new way.

Talented artists can transform buildings, alleyways, or ordinary objects into artwork.

Amazing street art inspires or changes people in some way. It’s becoming even more popular as it gains exposure.

These four examples of eye-catching urban art are sure to make an impact on your life.

There’s Hope for the Hopeless

Found in Nashville, Tennessee, this cool street art piece incorporates nature into its design.

The encouraging message is created with moss pops against a white wall.

Graphic designer Hayley Alice wanted to reach out to those with depression and individuals struggling with everyday problems.

She says, “Hope is so important in life. Without it, we will crumble.”

We think these inspirational quotes for depression would also look great in this style.

The Legend of Giants

This larger-than-life mural was created by Polish artist Natalia Rak in Bialystok, Poland.

Not only is the scale of the piece impressive, but the vibrant colors are breathtaking.

This girl taking care of a tree reminds us about the importance of nature. Talk about art that interacts with real life.

Natalia was inspired by local mythology about giants. She said, “First they destroy [the] world around them but later they start to copy human behavior and started taking care of nature.”

Rage, Flower Thrower

Banksy is an anonymous British artist well-known for his political and social messages portrayed in his artwork.

His pieces may stir up controversy, but this famous street art example has made a huge impact on people. It even attracted tourists in Paris.

This is a powerful piece that uses the contrasting images of a bouquet of flowers and a masked, angry protester to make a point.

Banksy’s political messages and beliefs make their way into many examples of his work.

Never Never Give Up

Another famous street artist is Thierry Guetta, better known as Mr. Brainwash. This French-born artist became a protege of Banksy and shares many similarities with his style.

Mr. Brainwash (MBW) has a distinct pop art style that combines bright colors, stencil work, and inspirational messages.

Never Never Give Up is an example of inspirational graffiti that encourages people to keep going no matter what.

You can learn more about MBW and his style at https://hamiltonselway.com.

Discover Amazing Street Art All Around You

The best street art catches your eye and makes you feel something. Whether it’s a piece designed to make you think, or one that tugs at your heartstrings, amazing street art is all around us.

Street art that inspires us to think or take action is often the most powerful. While controversial, it brings our attention to certain issues.

Next time you go out, look around your local buildings and spots you walk past without a second thought. Maybe you’ll see something phenomenal.

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