Head Feels Heavy? 4 Times You Need to See a Neurologist

head feels heavy

One billion people worldwide suffer from neurological disorders. Of those masses, 6.8 million die every year from complications from their illnesses.

Some of these conditions have a gradual development, like Alzheimer’s. Others come on suddenly, with little warning.

Get to know the signs of neurological distress. If your head feels heavy and you have other symptoms, there might be something serious going on.

Here are four things that warrant a visit to the neurologist.

1. Persistent Confusion

It’s not uncommon to experience occasional confusion. When you have a lot going on, mix-ups happen.

If you find yourself getting confused every day or experiencing memory loss, it could be something serious. Cognitive changes coupled with changes in your personality are signs of dementia.

When the disruption is sudden and intense, it may point to delirium. Delirium occurs when normal brain activity is altered. It can be caused by many things, including fever and alcohol or drug withdrawal.

If you experience a bout of delirium, even if it goes away, you should be examined by a doctor.

2. Shuffling Feet

Involuntarily dragging your feet while walking can be a sign of Parkinson’s disease. Symptoms of this progressive disorder start small and are easily dismissed.

If you notice tremors, rigidity, and slowed movement, it’s worth a visit to the neurologist to rule things out.

3. Out of Balance

Tripping on an uneven sidewalk is one thing, but losing your balance often may not be clumsiness. Balance conditions, including vertigo and vestibular loss, require treatment and sometimes physical therapy.

A sudden loss of balance, followed by facial numbness and headache could signal a stroke. If you’re having stroke symptoms, seek immediate emergency care.

The sooner you receive medication for a stroke, the greater your chance of making a full recovery.

4. Unusual Headaches

Not everyone who gets a headache has a headache disorder. Alcohol, stress, eating processed meats, even bad posture can cause headaches.

When should you worry about your headache?

Headaches that don’t respond to medication and disrupt your daily life are worrisome. Migraine headaches can be debilitating and cause nausea and light sensitivity. Migraines with aura may even indicate a higher risk of stroke.

Headaches and nausea that present with other neuro symptoms, like numbness and blurry vision, can be serious. A severe headache is the main symptom of brain aneurysms and meningitis, both of which can be deadly.

Brain tumors may also cause headaches by putting pressure on the nerves inside the brain. Even benign brain tumors require special care from a neurosurgeon.

If you notice any change in the frequency or intensity of your headaches, make an appointment with a neurologist.

Does Your Head Feel Heavy?

Have you noticed that your head feels heavy, and you’re not sure why?

If you’re feeling slow, confused, and unsteady, it might be time to see the neurologist. These unusual behaviors are sometimes linked to dementia, stroke, or even Parkinson’s disease.

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