Benefits of Sudoku: Keeping Your Brain Young With One Simple Game

benefits of sudoku

Want to keep your brain healthier longer? The answer may be in simply playing a game like Sudoku.

Doctors have been warning us about the possibility of rapid mental decline when we stop using our brains. According to memory expert Jim Kwik, when it comes to brain power you either use it or you lose it.

While there is still debate within the medical community about just how effective each activity can be, Sudoku can be an easy and fun way to keep your brain active and healthy.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of sudoku and brain health.

What is Sudoku Exactly?

Sudoku is a numbers game that is played on a grid of 81 cubes. Some cubes have numbers in them and some cubes are left blank.

The goal of the game is to arrange the numbers so there are no repeating numbers in a line, column, or block. Each block consists of 9 cells and each line and column also contains 9 cells.

Sounds easy enough right? Think again. There are various levels of sudoku difficulty. We don’t recommend trying the most advanced versions right off the bat.

Start slow while you’re learning the rules of the game and you’re sure to have a long relationship with the game.

How it Helps: The Benefits of Sudoku

‘Brain games’ like sudoku capitalize on the problem-solving. Keeping your brain active has been shown to improve and maintain levels of cognition.

This can be especially true when dealing with the aging brain. If you aren’t familiar with sudoku, that’s even better. That’s because studies have shown that learning something new or trying something novel is one of the strongest ways to increase brain health.

What’s more is that Sudoku isn’t about math, so the charge you get doesn’t come from crunching numbers. That’s good news for anyone who never felt math was their strong suit.

Sudoku is one of the most enjoyable preventative measures you can take in the effort to delay the onset of illnesses such as dementia. Further, it’s one that you don’t have to do alone. Challenge a friend or loved one to a weekly Sudoku showdown and compare your puzzles.

This can be a great way to pay it forward by helping the ones you care about stay mentally adept along with you.

Learn More & Stay Active

Want other great tips for keeping your brain healthy into old age? Stay active, culture friendships, play brain games, and eat ‘brain foods’.

Keep novelty alive in your life, reap the benefits of sudoku, and create a life you’ll be happy to be mentally present for. To learn more, visit our blog for more on how you can live your best life.