Top Truck Protection: The 6 Best Truck Bed Liners

truck bed liner

If you use your truck as a hardworking vehicle, the bed probably takes a regular beating. If your truck bed isn’t properly protected, it may become damaged and unsightly.

Luckily, there are ways to protect your truck from taking too much heat from the items you haul in it. Truck bed liners can really stand up to whatever you plan to throw on top of them.

There are several types of truck bed liners, so how do you know which type is right for your needs? Here’s some info on eight of the best truck bed liners to help you in your decision.

1. Spray on Liners

Spray on liners provide great protection for your truck bed, but they are permanent, unlike some other options. This option requires special equipment and some precautions, but it’s great at protecting your truck bed.

Note that if you’re adding this type of liner to a brand new truck, you may invalidate warranties or instantly decrease the value of your truck. This may still be the best option for you, though, so don’t shy away from it too quickly.

Are spray on liners effective? Absolutely! This website has a great post about the many benefits of this type of liner.

2. Bed Mats

Bed mats offer a quick and easy option for protecting the bed of your truck. They’re made of durable materials and they’re meant to stand up to your many hauling activities.

Mats are only designed to protect the bottom of your bed, though–only the “floor” area, so to speak. If you’re looking for something to protect your entire truck bed, you’ll need to go with something else.

This option is much easier to install than spray on liners. It’s often as simple as drag and drop! No professional required.

3. Drop-In Bed Liners

Drop-in bed liners bring bed protection and ease together in one sweet package. They’re easy to install and they protect the entire bed.

This type of liner is made of plastic and it covers everything from the floor, the walls, and wheels in your truck bed. They’re inexpensive, but they get the job done.

Depending on the truck you buy, the vehicle may come with one of these liners already installed.

4. Polypropylene Liners

If you’d like full protection with a nicer look, go for a polypropylene plastic liner. What makes these different than the last option? The surface is more like carpet.

These liners are still made from plastic, so they’re perfectly fine to handle dirt, water, and other messy materials. But they also offer a texture that looks and feels nicer.

The carpet-like texture of these liners helps your cargo stay in place while protecting the bed from any damage. And though the surface feels like carpet, you don’t need to vacuum. Simply spray or sweep out and your liner will be clean again.

5. Bed Rugs

Bed rugs give you a carpet-like surface and the choice between full and partial protection. Simply choose the type that covers only the floor of the bed, or choose something that also covers the walls, wheels, and tailgate.

You’ll get the same perks with this type as in the last type we discussed. Though it has a carpet-like texture, there’s no need to steer clear of wood, mud, or anything else.

If you’re taking your dog with you to your next destination, he’ll appreciate the texture of a bed rug. He won’t be sliding around everywhere when you take those wild turns!

6. Specialized Bed Liners

If you’d like a special look or effect when adding a bed liner, you may be able to find it. For example, all you hunters out there may just be able to find a liner with camouflage walls.

Truck bed liners are available in many sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find an option that meets your specific wants and needs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bed Liner

There are many truck bed liners to choose from, so you need to know how to choose the right one. Just because you find what feels like the perfect option that doesn’t mean it will work with your truck.

To help you make the right decision, here are some helpful tips:

Compare Pros and Cons

Each type of liner will have its pros and cons. Make sure you thoroughly consider what it would be like having each type of liner before you make your decision.

Does it Fit?

Your bed liner, whether it only covers the bottom of the bed or covers it entirely, needs to fit your truck. Some liners won’t fit your vehicle, so make sure you take size into consideration when making your decision.


Some bed liners will do the job better than others, and some aren’t suite for the jobs you intend to do. Make sure the liner you choose will stand up to whatever you intend to put it through and make sure it will last.

Truck Bed Liners are a Must

If you’re serious about using your truck as it was “born” to be used, you’ve got to get a bed liner. Otherwise, you’ll wear out your truck much faster than you need to.

Truck bed liners keep your truck safe from rocks, pets, dirt, wood, metal, and whatever else you plan to have in the bed of your truck. Get one today to keep your truck looking its best.

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