Quit Drinking: 6 Inspirational Tips To Help You Avoid Alcohol In Social Settings

quit drinking

“Come on, don’t be lame. Have at least one drink.”

Everyone who doesn’t drink has probably heard this at some point at a party.

Sadly, there is a social stigma around not drinking. Some people think you can’t have fun at a party without a red solo cup in your hand. It can be hard not to fall into to peer pressure, especially if you’re a recovering alcoholic.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid drinking that you probably didn’t even think about. Here are five of the best tricks that you can use to quit drinking when you go to parties.

1. Bring a Friend with You

Take a friend with you who is aware of your situation. They can step in when you’re about to break under pressure. They are also good for keeping your hands busy with non-alcoholic drinks.

Try riding with them so if things get too bad they’ll be able to step in and let the host of the party know that they have to leave. You’ll be made to leave with them because they’re your ride.

2. Keep Your Hands Busy

If your hands are kept busy with other drinks then partygoers will feel less inclined to offer you alcoholic ones.

This being said, make sure you always have a soda or if you’re at a bar, let the bartender know that you don’t want to drink. They can hand you a water or clear soda with a lemon or lime. It’s a clever rouse for the actual thing.

3. Drive

If you don’t ride in with a friend, then drive your friend to the party. If you’re the designated driver then you’ll be put in a situation where you can’t drink.

If you continue to put yourself in these situations every time there is a party, you’ll never have to drink. This is one of the basic ways of stopping drinking.

4. Come up with an Excuse for Leaving Beforehand

If the peer pressure is getting too much for you, you need to think of an excuse beforehand so it doesn’t look too awkward when you’re scrounging for excuses.

The best way to do this is to put your phone on silent and pretend that you’re receiving a phone call. Head outside or to the bathroom and have a fake conversation. When you come back, tell the host that it was your mom or another relative, needing your help with something.

5. Be Firm About the Word No

Be firm with the people at the party that you will not be drinking without being rude about it. Don’t go on and on with an explanation or an excuse because that could cause your no to turn into a yes eventually.

Make sure you mean that no, and say it with confidence. Partygoers will usually back down after that.

Tips to Quit Drinking When the Party Is Going Full Swing

When you’re at a party it can be hard to deny a drink partly because you don’t want to stand out and partly because you don’t want to seem rude. We’re here to say, it’s okay. Follow these tips to quit drinking and avoid that unwanted pressure.

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