How One Year of Not Drinking Alcohol Can Change Your Life Forever

not drinking alcohol

What was the last healthy habit you picked up?

Maybe you recently started running on a regular basis or you’re trying to drink more water every day. Maybe you’re making sleep a bigger priority in your life or finally taking good care of your skin.

It’s funny how a little bit of effort can really transform how you feel. Often times, the healthy decisions we think are big tasks are actually small, simple changes that anyone can make.

Such is the case with people who don’t drink.

The decision of not drinking alcohol doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but it can benefit all the people who decide to try it out, even if only for a period of time. If you’re thinking about quitting alcohol, do it for a year and see how you feel.

You may be surprised just how easy it is — and how much you enjoy it!

Here’s what happens when you don’t drink alcohol for an extended period of time.

1. You Find Better Things to Do with Your Time

Take a second to think about how many of your social interactions revolve around drinking. Whether it’s a mid-week wine night or you’re practically best friends with your go-to bartender on Saturday nights, you probably spend more time drinking than you think you do.

When you make a choice to stop drinking, though, you’re able to spend your time doing better things for yourself and for others. You discover the simple joy of what it’s like to stay in and just relax.

Or, you may actually become more active and find new hobbies to take on in the great outdoors. This is a lot easier to do when you’re not waiting from all the alcohol from the night before to get out of your system, which is a pretty long time! Click here to find out more about the toll of alcohol on your body.

2. You Create Deeper Relationships

The thing about drinking and social drinking is that people glorify them as super fun things to do. But, when you discover other ways to have fun, you start to see which relationships really matter.

You realize which friends are just drinking buddies and which ones are real friends. You notice who will always be there for you, and, you learn new ways to be there for yourself, too.

3. You Save Money!

The best benefit of not drinking alcohol is the self-realization and personal transformation you go through. But, it’s also pretty cool to realize how much money you can save when you stop spending on happy hour, bottles, and shots.

These are just a few of the ways you pour money down the drain to buy alcohol. Imagine how much cheaper your dinners will be when you’re not ordering glasses of wine or cocktails with it. Plus, think about all the other things you can do with your money with such savings!

Not Drinking Alcohol to Support a Recovering Addict

It’s one thing to decide to not drink alcohol for yourself, and another to stop drinking when you’re around a recovering addict. Not drinking alcohol in front of your recovering sibling or keeping alcohol out of the house to support your recovering spouse is one of the best ways to show your support.

It says that you’re there for that person every step of the way.

If you’re new to the life of recovery and how to be there for others, check out these additional tips on how you can be supportive.