Pot of Gold: The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids

Medical marijuana is legalized in more than half of the country. The nation is paying more attention to the potential benefits of marijuana than ever.

But what exactly are the health benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids?

Read on to explore the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids and what they may mean for you.

Marijuana as a Form of Pain Relief

When conditions like multiple sclerosis and shingles begin to flare up, patients may experience awful bouts of pain. As a result, many patients find themselves unable to fulfill their daily duties.

Yet researchers are beginning to discover that certain strains under the Indica umbrella may help reduce pain. Patients who used cannabis reported better sleep, less pain, and more energy.

So what causes this major change? It’s all due to two particular chemicals: CBD and THC.

Though they serve different purposes, both chemicals have an important role to play.

While CBD dulls pain receptors, THC stimulates the brain. Once THC gets introduced to a patient’s system, intake becomes much more effective.

You can read more info here about different strains and their effect on the body.

Marijuana’s Positive Health Effects on Mental Health

Physical pain is one thing, but what about those struggling with everyday life? Conditions like depression and anxiety can be every bit as dangerous and troublesome as, say, diabetes or heart disease.

But marijuana can assist here, too.

Marijuana shouldn’t serve as a replacement for medical treatment. Yet strains high in THC can offer a temporary reprieve, sending relaxing signals to the brain.

After exposure, many people feel calmer and more content with their surroundings.

Cannabis and Seizures

If you’ve ever seen or experienced an epileptic seizure, you’re aware of how terrifying the experience can be.

As Epilepsy.com points out, scientists are beginning to discover that exposure to cannabinoids can help prevent the recurrence of epilepsy and its related side effects.

Though the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s stance on marijuana is still murky, it seems as though progress is being made. In fact, the organization recently approved a drug targeting seizures in children.

Health Benefits of Marijuana For Cancer Patients

By far, the most promising health benefits of marijuana come to cancer patients.

Aside from helping patients manage their daily pain, CBD can aid in preventing the growth of cancer cells. This offers promising solutions to an already growing industry.

Many of the world’s most respected health organizations have started looking into the wider use of cannabis for patients.

Last Thoughts on the Health Effects of Cannabis And Cannabinoids

It’ll be fascinating to see how the conversation surrounding the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids continues to evolve.

Research shows that the health benefits of marijuana far outweigh the negatives.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Check out our guide to CBD oil and experience the benefits firsthand.