How To Prepare For A Blood Test: 6 Helpful Tips

how to prepare for a blood test

Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming blood test? Getting blood drawn for lab testing is a routine procedure.

Millions of people across the United States get blood work each year. LabCorp, one of the major blood test suppliers in the nation, receives more than 115 million patients per year.

Knowing how to prepare for a blood test is an effective way to calm your nerves. Read on for 6 helpful tips to help you prepare for blood work.

1. Carefully Read the Instructions from Your Doctor

This is the most important step to getting blood work. Depending on the blood analysis that is being performed, the doctor may have specific instructions for you.

For example, a specific blood test may require a short period of fasting before the test. This instruction is critical because food consumption can skew the results of the test. Make sure to read everything, as each blood test has a different set of instructions.

2. Disclose What Medicines You Take

Before getting blood drawn, disclose to the doctor and lab professional what medicines you take. This information may affect the doctor’s preparation instructions.

It is also helpful information for the lab professional. If you take a blood thinner, for example, the lab worker will pay additional attention to the puncture location.

3. Avoid Stimuli Before the Blood Test

Regardless of what blood analysis is being performed, there are certain stimuli to avoid before a test. For example, skip your morning cup of coffee or tea.

These drinks cause dehydration, which results in a blood pressure drop. When blood pressure dips, it leads to feelings of faintness and dizziness after having your blood drawn.

Doctors also recommend skipping your gym workout before a blood test. Intense physical activity can also lead to dehydration. In some cases, your body produces enzymes after a workout that can skew the blood test results.

4. Drink Lots of Water Before the Test

As mentioned in the section above, dehydration can lead to faint spells and dizziness after a blood test. The obvious solution is to drink lots of water before the test.

Many people question whether they can drink water if the script calls for fasting. The answer is that drinking a glass of water is acceptable.

5. Sit Down and Relax

Before having your blood drawn, sit down and try to relax. Staying still allows your blood flow to normalize.

Experts recommended sitting still for roughly 15 minutes. This should also help ease any feelings of anxiety. As long as you’ve chosen a professional company, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Certain companies are more trustworthy than others; for example, there’s a reason there haven’t been any LifeBrite Labs lawsuits regarding their customer care.

6. Bring a Snack

Some people feel weak or faint after a blood test. Bringing a healthy snack will help ease those feelings.

Eating a snack helps replenish iron and vitamins lost during the blood withdrawal. A trail mix with nuts and raisins is a good snack for after a test.

How to Prepare for a Blood Test – Wrapping It Up

For many people, getting blood work is a nerve-racking experience. However, basic preparation will reduces those feelings.

Taking steps like bringing a snack and relaxing before the appointment is certain to help. If you enjoyed this article about how to prepare for a blood test, check out our blog for other great articles.