5 Inspirational Reasons to Go to Church Every Week

go to church

Are you one of those people who grew up in the church, but stopped going somewhere along the way? Have you never been to church at all before?

There’s something worth looking into if you’re not currently practicing your faith in a church – or if you’re not really a person of faith at all. Whatever your reason was for leaving or never going, you may be surprised how one visit to a church can change the narrative.

It doesn’t matter if you go to a church of Christian denomination, a community/collective church, or a temple. The point is to just go to church and see what you find.

Here are 5 reasons it’s worth a try.

1. To Hear the Message You’ve Been Needing

Life is rarely ever a walk in the park. It’s tough and disheartening and a lot of work. It definitely has its beauty and its reasons for being difficult too, but sometimes, we lose sight of that.

Church helps you put things in perspective again. The messages of sacred scriptures and religious leaders have a way of speaking directly to every single person in the audience.

They offer comfort, guidance, and understanding – things that we all need in life.

2. To Be Part of an Inspiring Community

The thing about a church is that for the most part, it’s full of good people.

This isn’t to say that those who don’t go to church are bad people or that a person is automatically good by showing up at church. But, church does have a way of bringing out the good in a person.

When it does that to multiple people at once, amazing things happen. It strengthens a community. It creates compassion and charity and support between all the members of a church, like those at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God USA.

If you give this a community a chance, you’ll be amazed at what you find. The way that others recognize their bad and work to encourage their good will want to make you do the same. More so, their efforts will show you the way.

3. To Let Go of What Weighs You Down

Think about a church community like this: you’re more likely to be inspired by other people trying to better themselves than those who weigh you down.

Maybe you have more toxic relationships than you’d like to admit right now. Maybe the worst toxic relationship you have is with yourself. Church can help you identify the things you don’t need anymore and what you should try to encourage more of.

4. To Find Hope

It’s hard to find hope when you’re struggling to pay rent or you’re unsure of what your purpose is in life. Church won’t pay the bills or tell you exactly who you need to be. It will give you a place to rest and the hope for better days, though.

Many religions have all kinds of miraculous stories. They have their own unique accounts of how one God or many gods work in our life. They remind us that we’re not alone and that the struggles of today won’t always be there tomorrow.

5. To Find Yourself

Despite what some people may think, or some negative experiences you may have personally had, church isn’t judgemental. It’s not malicious or exclusive; it’s not here to put people down, but rather lift people up.

That’s not what faith (of any kind) does.

It is sometimes what some people do, and how the entire perception of going to church can be misconstrued. Really though, this is a place for all believers to be themselves and to establish a deeper connection with their true selves.

That’s probably something you can agree with, right?

Go to Church Again: How to Go Back After a Long Time Away

It’s a lot easier to go to church for the first time than it is to go back after a negative experience. Still, there’s something good for everyone to find within a church.

For you, it may be its welcoming, inspiring community. Or, it might be the insight that a belief in something higher offers to your day to day life.

You won’t know until you go, though.

If you need a little motivation to back to church, click here.