5 of the Best Cargo Vans to Convert For the Ultimate Road Trip

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Wanderlust: a yearning to travel far and wide. Have you ever felt that? There are many ways to visit the world, from cruise ships and airplanes to boats and on foot.

One of the best ways to adventure across the land without hotel costs is camping. If you can’t afford a big RV, but you still want an upgrade from a tent, why not convert a cargo van to camp in?

Whether you want to go to the beach or the mountains, these are some of the best cargo vans to convert for long-distance travel. Check it out!

VW Microbus

While the Microbus was first manufactured in the 1950s and is no longer in production, there were many models, some that were manufactured as late as 1993. Depending on the look you are going for (classic sixties hippie bus gets our vote), you should be able to find a model with plenty of miles left in it.

This vehicle became popular because of its roomy interior without looking gigantic on the outside. Some even had a pickup version, and some had a pop-up top that made a sleeping compartment. There were even a few that were electric vehicles, and word is Volkswagen has plans to bring it back as an electric vehicle under the moniker I.D. Buzz.

Nissan NV200

This vehicle shares a name with the larger cargo van Nissan NV (which comes in 1500, 2500, and 3500). The smaller size gives it great gas mileage (25 mpg highway), and it’s a lot cheaper than some of these other models, starting at $22,000.

It can’t fit quite as much in it, of course. You’ll need to decide if the low cost is worth sacrificing some of your things on the trip.

Ford Aerostar

Sometimes the old way is the best way, so we’re recommending another vehicle not in production anymore. This van stayed in production up until 1997, but there are older models, too, in good condition.

Aerostars are reliable, obviously, and Ford designed the suspension specifically for this model to help with fuel economy. It has a low roof, advertised when it first came out as “garage-able.”

All in all, you can mod this cargo van to suit your road tripping needs for a very low cost without worrying that you’ll get to your destination.

Chevy Express

We like this van because it’s still being made, so you can get one new if you like. While a little smaller than a traditional cargo van, the Express runs on regular gasoline and requires very little maintenance.

It’s known for being reliable, so if you want to head off into the sunset full time, this is a good choice for you. This van starts at $32,000.

Best Cargo Van to Convert for Travel

Our top vote for the best van to convert is the Mercedes Sprinter. Like the Chevy Express, it’s still in production, and there is plenty of room to install cargo van shelving.

This sleek van starts at $42,000, and while it’s a high price tag, all reviews say its worth every penny. It can do some pretty heavy-duty work and runs on diesel.

The Ultimate Road Trip

When looking for the best cargo vans to modify for a camping van, you can’t go wrong with a VW Microbus, Nissan NV200, Ford Aerostar, Chevy Express, or Mercedes Sprinter. Make sure you take someone with you that you really like, and you’ll be on your way to the best travels of your life.

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