4 Inspirational Motorcycle Stories That Will Make You Want to Get Out There and Ride

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Are you among the 8.4 million motorcycle enthusiasts in the US?

To get out there and enjoy the wide open road is not just for middle-aged men and their buddies. 61% of motorcyclists are married, and 14% of them are women!

Some days, though, you may need a little extra encouragement to grab your helmet and go for a ride. After all, who doesn’t sometimes need the motivation to get out there and do what we love most?

If today is one of those days, you’re sure to enjoy these inspirational motorcycle stories from around the world. Read on–and then get out there and ride.

1. The World’s Fastest Indian

In case you missed this fantastic film back in 2006 (starring Sir Anthony Hopkins), here’s a brief rundown.

The movie is based on the true story of a motorcycle enthusiast with a big dream. Burt Munro was a crusty old codger from the bottom of the world–Invercargill, New Zealand.

Despite advancing age and numerous health problems, he enjoyed spending his free time tinkering with his 1920 Indian motorcycle. Then, in 1967, he got the idea in his head that he was going to take his Indian to America.

Why? To race it, of course–in the Annual Speed Week Event in Bonneville Flats, Utah.

What follows is a heart-warming story of his efforts to raise enough money to make the trip and the challenges he overcame along the way. When he arrived at the event, officials tried their best to discourage him from competing on his 47-year-old bike.

What was the final outcome? Well, the title of the movie gives it away, so we’ll tell you this much. At the age of 67, Burt Munro set a still-standing world record for the fastest recorded speed in a motorcycle under 1000 cc.

If you want to see the World’s Fastest Indian in person, you can travel to Burt’s hometown of Invercargill, where it’s on public display.

2. Paralyzed in Body, But Not in Spirit

Would you believe that a man paralyzed from the chest down could race a motorcycle?

Meet Talan Skeels-Piggins, a former Royal Navy Officer who doesn’t have the word “no” in his vocabulary. Tragically, he suffered a road accident that left the lower two-thirds of his body paralyzed.

This might be enough to slow down a normal person, but not Talan. In 2010, he competed in skiing in the Winter Paralympic Games. Not long after that, he found a way to return to what he loved most–racing motorcycles on the track.

You can find his inspirational video on YouTube, where he discusses his journey, the challenges he faced, and the triumph of the human spirit.

As if that’s not impressive enough, in 2011 Talan founded The Bike Experience with his friend Russ O’Neil. Their goals? Helping other disabled riders to get back in the saddle and ride again in a safe environment.

Since then, The Bike Experience has become an officially registered charity. It’s helped more than 100 disabled motorcyclists to overcome their physical challenges and keep doing what they love most.

Click here for more information about motorcycle accidents and what steps you should take if you’ve been involved in one.

3. Down But Not Out

What would you do if you lost your job and your marriage in a short amount of time?

Riding your motorcycle to Alaska might not be the first answer that comes to your mind. But that’s exactly what Tom Harris did.

Rather than wallow in despair, he took positive action to overcome it and regain control of his life. He called up his best friend and suggested they take a little road trip–from San Francisco to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Along their 3,000-mile journey (each way), they passed through four states and two Canadian provinces. They experienced a midnight hike in Denali National Park with plenty of sunlight still in the sky.

They also got to the ride the famous Top of the World Highway, which connects Alaska with Dawson City in the Yukon Territory. After that, they rode for hundreds of miles passing towns with less than 50 people.

Tom’s experience proves that life can knock you down sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay down.

4. No More Sitting on the Sidelines

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun?

That’s exactly what happened to Amelia Kamrad. She spent years cheering on her friends who competed in NASA Rally Sports events, designed for weekend warriors instead of professional racers. Her main jobs consisted of driving the support truck, providing tools, and making sandwiches.

Amelia enjoyed her supportive role, but after a while she was ready for a piece of the action. When South Carolina’s 2018 Sandblast Rally was announced, she jumped on the opportunity to enter.

How did she prepare? After a local weeklong clinic and required half-day training session, Amelia felt ready for her first rally ride.

How did her race turn out? Against 40 other competitors, Amelia finished in third place.

Her advice to others considering a similar competition is this: You don’t have to be a speed demon or a super competitive person to take part and have fun in these events.

The Best Motorcycle Stories: Now You Know

Well, how are you feeling now?

After reading these inspirational motorcycle stories, hopefully, you’re feeling fired up and ready to ride.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your helmet, fire up the engine, and go enjoy the open road.

And the next time you need some fresh inspiration in your life, you can find it right here.