How to Motivate and Inspire Students in 10 Simple Steps

how to motivate students

If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably come across students who just don’t have the desire to learn.

Some of them seem disorganized, and others are lazy. And sometimes there’s one who appears totally apathetic.

What these students need is for you to trust them, and motivate them to learn. Of course, student motivation isn’t easy, but there’s so much joy in seeing a previously uninspired student begin to make progress. The smile that a student wears when they know what they can do is just priceless!

Don’t know how to inspire students? Well, here are a few brilliant ideas on how to motivate students.

Involve Your Students

You won’t inspire your students if you don’t involve them and allow them to have an active role in lessons. The days when students took a passive role in class are long gone.

Classes should be student-oriented. As a teacher, you should play the role of a facilitator and coach to help, direct, and guide the learning process.

Praise! Praise! Praise!

A “thank you” or “well done” for their contribution will significantly boost confidence, even if they didn’t give the right answer. This is especially important for slow learners.

There’s always something good to say. Begin with positives, and then thoughtfully move on to areas that should be improved.

Make Learning Fun

Make your lessons memorable. Use competitions and games. Students love competition and it gives them a great opportunity to connect with one another, have some fun and learn together.

Encourage Questions Back and Forth

You should always ask questions in between your lessons. And also give your students freedom to raise doubts and questions about what you’re teaching.

This makes your lessons more interactive. It also helps your students to better understand what’s being taught. By asking questions and getting answers, your students get a deeper understanding of the subject.

Hold One-on-One Conversations

When one of your students has a problem, talk to them privately. Ask questions to know why they’re struggling and find out what should change so they can get back on track. Create a plan jointly and help them follow it.

Help Your Students with Being More Organized

Few things dampen motivation for students than losing the homework they’ve just completed. So do whatever you can to have their school bags, folders, binders, and lockers organized.

Take Little Breaks

Rather than have hour-long lessons, have your students step away from classroom furniture in between lessons to revitalize their minds. You can share something that’s not in the curriculum and have a conversation with them.

Start a Rewards Scheme

Rewarding students instills positive behavior, and your students will eventually develop an interest in learning. The rewards program should include praising students for finishing assignments and actively participating in lessons.

Put Textbooks Away

Vary your teaching methods from time to time. You can use lectures, demonstrations, groups, discussions, case studies and more.

Connect with Real-life Situations

Your students would be excited if you can link the subject you’re teaching to real-life situations. This will also help them get a better understanding of the subject.

Wrapping Up How to Motivate Students

It’s our hope that you’ve found these tips on how to motivate students inspiring!

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