Dr. House: The Key Benefits of Home Doctor Visits

“I love going to the doctor!” said no one ever.

While it’s nice to get your medical needs taken care of, the actual act of going to the doctor can be a big pain.

What if you didn’t have to go to the doctor? What if the doctor came to you?

Back in the day, home doctor visits were the norm. Of course, doctors also accepted chickens as a valid form of payment.

While a modern doctor probably won’t accept a chicken, the trend of home doctor visits is picking up again. Let’s look at some of the key benefits.

1. You Don’t Have to Go to the Doctor

Depending on where you live, going to the doctor can be a real ordeal. In more rural areas, you may have to travel quite a ways. If you don’t drive, this can be really inconvenient.

In more urban areas, you’ll have to fight traffic to get to the doctor. And good luck finding a parking spot close to the door.

For some people, these challenges are surmountable. For others, these obstacles can be enough to prevent them from going. This is especially true for those who need a doctor the most. This would include folks who are elderly, disabled, recovering from a difficult surgery, or just plain horribly ill.

With a home doctor visit, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The doctor will come to you instead.

2. You’re Not Being Exposed to Other Sick Patients

Another frustrating thing about going to the doctor is the waiting room. Not only do you typically spend a lot of time there but also you’re being exposed to other sick patients.

Elderly folks already have a weaker immune system then their younger counterparts. And if you’re sick yourself, your system is already busy with one disease and will have a harder time fighting off new invading pathogens.

It’s best to stay away from others who are sick in these instances. Sometimes people will even decide not to seek medical help when they need it for fear of contracting a new illness. An in-home doctor visit gives you the perfect solution.

3. You Can Save Money

You can also save money by choosing home doctor visits. You might think that’s backward at first. Wouldn’t it cost you more when the doctor comes to you?

Thankfully, that isn’t always the case. Think about when you’ve needed emergency medical care. You may have had to go to the emergency room rather than your personal doctor. You probably walked away with a hefty bill that your doctor could have billed your insurance for.

Many home doctor companies, like 13CURE, work with insurance companies and Medicare to offer you in-home medical care that is covered by your plan. You won’t be stuck wondering if you should tough it out until you can get in to see your doctor.

Home Doctor Visits Are a Great Option

As you can see, home doctor visits are a great option for personalized health care. If getting to the doctor is an ordeal you would rather avoid at all costs, home care is the answer.

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