Road to Recovery: 4 Inspirational Stories About Recovery After Surgery

road to recovery

Let’s face it: the road to recovery after surgery is often paved with both physical and emotional setbacks.

You’re hungry, in pain, and above all, just want your life to get back to the way it was. It’s not out the ordinary for those in surgery recovery to feel hopeless, exhausted, and even angry.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Above all, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. You’re a part of a whole community of other post-surgery recovery patients.

They’ve made it through, and so will you.

In this post, we’re sharing with you some of their most inspirational tales.

1. The Power of Friendship

Selena Gomez has long been entertaining us with her beautiful voice (and, if we’re honest, her romantic life.)

However, she’s also been fighting some very serious battles with her health all throughout her career. Most famously, Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus. This has made it tough for her to perform shows and has even caused her to be hospitalized numerous times.

But in 2017, Selena needed a kidney transplant due to complications from her illness.

That’s when her best friend, Francia Raisa, stepped in. Selena’s friend decided to donate her kidney to the singer — a move that is certainly not without serious risk to the donor.

There was also the added layer of the two needing to keep it a secret. Luckily, the surgery was a success, and the inspirational tale has warmed the hearts of millions.

When it comes to friendship, it’s clear that sometimes, it knows no bounds.

2. The Football Player Fighting to Get Back on the Field

For many, the toughest part of recovery is having to give up doing the things you love — and even the way you make a living — for an unknown period of time.

This was certainly the case for Terrell Suggs, a beloved player for the Baltimore Ravens football team.

In 2016, Suggs sustained horrific injuries, including torn biceps, during the season. Of course, making the tough choice to play while dealing with these injuries only made things worse.

But Suggs was determined not to let his injuries keep him off of the field. So, he made the choice to have offseason surgery. In addition to repairing the torn bicep, he also had to have bone chips removed from his elbow.

Unbelievably, he recovered from his surgery in time to play the first game of the season. Suggs credits his healing to the support of his teammates, along with his incredible fans.

He was even well enough to meet up with his teammates in the gym for offseason workouts.

Now that’s what we call incredible and inspiring willpower.

3. The Man Representing Alternative Healing

Post surgery recovery looks different for everyone.

There are so many factors that can impact your surgery recovery timeline, pain levels, and much more.

But what if you could use your recovery to volunteer yourself as a “guinea pig” for new methods of treatment and pain management?

That’s what Ed, a patient recovering from bone spur removal and tendon re-attachment surgery, has volunteered to do. As a result of the heartbreaking Opioid Epidemic, Ed wanted to explore natural alternatives to prescription pain medication.

So, he decided to document his journey of using cannabis as a natural pain management tool throughout his recovery process.

His hope is that it could not just improve the recovery process of others, but that it could save people from becoming addicted to pain medication.

To follow more of Ed’s story, check out his blog on the healing power of cannabis after surgery.

Perhaps, by seeing how it helps him to heal, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not it’s something you’d like to try out for yourself.

4. The Gift of Life

We’ll finish off our list of the best inspirational stories about getting on the road to recovery with a truly heartwarming entry.

There are few greater things that someone can do for another person than to give them the gift of life.

A young man, Frankie Vigil, who was killed in an accident at just 22 years of age, had a family certainly agreed with that sentiment.

Frankie hadn’t signed up to become an organ donor; like so many of us, he assumed it was a decision he’d have plenty of time to think about. When he passed, his family decided to donate his heart.

That heart went to a 57-year-old man who was hospitalized for heart failure — and it saved his life.

Once the transplant was complete, the two families met. The man let Frankie’s family listen to their son’s heartbeat one last time, through a stethoscope.

We think that’s a story that’s hard to beat and reminds us of the sacrifices some people make so that we can recover.

Keeping Your Head up on the Road to Recovery

We know that staying strong while on the road to recovery is sometimes easier said than done.

After all, you’re struggling with both physical pain and emotional frustration. You’re likely also worried about becoming a burden to your family or caretakers.

We hope that these inspirational stories of others in their journey towards recovery have helped to shift your perspective.

Looking for additional advice about how to stay strong post surgery? Need more inspirational tales to get you through all walks of life?

We’ll always continue to bring beautiful stories to you. Keep checking back with our blog when you’re ready to read the next one.