8 Best Detox Practices for a Healthier Body

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Are you getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired almost all the time?

This is a problem that many Americans experience. More than 40 percent of them report feeling rundown on most days during the average week.

If you fall into this category, there are steps you can take right now to start living a healthier lifestyle. By putting a few of the best detox practices into place, you can rid your body of harmful toxins and begin feeling better than ever before.

Detoxing will do more than just provide you with more energy on a day in, day out basis. It’ll also prevent you from getting sick so often and make you a healthier person overall.

Let’s take a look at 8 simple detox practices you can use to build a healthier body.

1. Drink Water with Lemon Juice Every Morning

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?

Some people rush right to the shower because they’re always running late for work. Other people sit down in front of the TV with a big sugary bowl of cereal.

Rather than taking either of these approaches, pour yourself a tall glass of water and add the juice from half a lemon to it. Drink it before you do anything else each and every morning.

Water with lemon will work to rehydrate your body while also jumpstarting your digestion system. It’ll give your body some energy to start the day and help it eliminate waste.

2. Commit to Eating Less Sugar

Many Americans have an addiction to sugar, even if they don’t necessarily realize it. They’ve gotten into the habit of eating sugary snacks several times every day to keep themselves going.

If you believe you’re taking in too much sugar, scale back your sugar intake slowly over time. You might feel the effects of it initially, but your body will gradually adjust to you not eating as much sugar anymore and detox.

Reducing the amount of sugar you’re eating will eliminate toxins from your body. It’ll also speed up your body’s metabolism, give you more energy, and make you feel healthier all around.

3. Incorporate More Organic Foods into Your Diet

While you’re making a push to eliminate sugary foods from your diet, why not replace them with organic foods that will be good for your body?

Fruits and vegetables are a great place to start. Try to eat more dark green vegetables, in particular, since they’re jampacked with the micronutrients that your body craves.

When you eat fruits and vegetables over processed foods, you won’t put any toxins into your body to begin with. This will limit the amount of detoxing that you’ll need to do on a regular basis.

4. Start Exercising More Regularly

It’s not exactly a secret that exercising more will turn you into a healthier person. But exercise is especially helpful for those looking to detox their bodies.

When you go for a run, take part in a yoga class, or lift weights, your blood will circulate better and your lymph system will spring into action. You’ll also boost your digestion system, lubricate your joints, and get significantly stronger.

But maybe best of all, your body will work harder to detox toxins built up in it. It’s why most people start to look and feel their best just weeks after they put an exercise routine into place.

5. Break a Sweat at a Sauna

There is a long-running debate over how effective sweating is when it comes to helping your body detox. Some people swear that sweating makes them feel healthier, while others argue against the potential health benefits of sweating.

But when used as part of a larger detox program, it does appear as though sweating can help people feel better about themselves. If nothing else, sweating in a sauna will help you wick away toxins that sit on the surface of your skin and affect your outward appearance.

6. Fight Back Against Pollutants in the Air

Unless you live in a rural area with an incredibly small population, you’re probably being exposed to all kinds of pollutants and allergens in the air every day. There is no such thing as “fresh air” in many urban areas.

If you want to prevent them from affecting you, it’s a good idea to flush out your nasal passages every so often. This is one of the best detox practices for those who suffer from allergies and have trouble sleeping due to breathing issues.

Those who use marijuana regularly also have options for detoxing their bodies of the THC found in the drug. Find out more about how to do it if you ever need to flush your system of THC.

7. Sip on More Tea and Less Coffee

Are you a big coffee drinker? You’re not alone! More than 60 percent of Americans are drinking at least one cup of coffee these days.

Coffee certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world for your body. But tea is, in most cases, better for it.

Tea contains antioxidants that can ward off illnesses. It’ll also make you feel full after you drink a cup of it, which will help you steer clear of eating sugary snacks and other things that aren’t good for you.

8. Exfoliate Your Skin Every Day

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. So if you’re not taking care of your skin every day, you’re likely allowing for toxins to wreak havoc in it.

The best detox practice for your skin is regular exfoliation. Learn how to exfoliate your skin so that you can get rid of dead skin cells and toxins that can harm your body.

Use the Best Detox Practices to Transform Your Life

As you can see, there are all different kinds of ways that you can detox your body and make yourself healthier.

The best detox practices are the ones that you stick with and use over and over again. Pick a couple of the practices listed here that seem the most manageable and incorporate them into your life today. It won’t be long before you’re feeling your best.

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