5 Inspirational Graduation Stories That Will Undoubtedly Touch Your Heart

graduation stories

Are you or someone you know about to graduate?

Everyone looks forward to graduation day, right? Believe it or not, most students feel strained or nervous.

A lot of students feel anxious thinking too much about the future. Some fear the unknown void of finding a job. Other still have to finish up some of their personal priorities before graduation.

Often, when parents notice their child acting like such, they tell them their graduation stories to calm them down. This not only offers them relief but also inspires them to keep on moving forward.

Below are five inspirational stories you can tell people about to graduate. Use these if you think they need inspiration. These stories are also great at melting anybody’s heart.

A Blind Man with a Vision

In Houston, Texas, a blind man proved that as long as you’re dedicated to something, nothing will ever be able to stop you.

As a young man, Daniel Vaughn always had a strong sense of doing the right thing. This made him want to become a lawyer more than anything in the world. However, following his 23rd birthday in 2010, a tumor had grown in Vaughn’s brain.

Doctors judged that it was too dangerous to leave alone and advised Vaughn and his family to have it removed. The surgery was a success, but it was not without a price. Vaughn lost his vision that day. He has had six more surgeries afterward to regain his eyesight, but none of them were successful.

However, Daniel didn’t let this dissuade him. He still wanted to become a lawyer and he was ready to do anything to go through law school.

With the help of his friends, family, and his significant other, Vaughn made history in 2017 when he graduated in Thurgood Marshall School of Law as Summa Cum Laude. His girlfriend helped him with his studies and his mother walked him on stage.

At the end of the ceremony, he stated that he now has the tools to help others. This proves that nothing can change your attitude if you’re passionate about it.

Obstacle After Obstacle

While you may have been worrying about how to get your high school diploma, Bianca Jeannot was thinking about more pressing matters.

Being the youngest among her siblings, Bianca never knew who her father was. Their mother decided to raise her three children as a single parent. Life for them was hard, having to live in a homeless shelter until Bianca was 10 years old.

As soon as she got the opportunity to get an education, she took it and kept a firm hold on it. She knew what she had to do to give her family a better future. With the help of her mother, she had a real chance of completing her education. However, at the age of 18, her mother went into cardiac arrest and died.

Having two disabled older brothers, she became the head of their household. She inherited her mother’s Section 8 apartment. She now became the caretaker of her brothers and the holder of so many responsibilities, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to graduate.

To cover for her tuition, she had to work four jobs at once, three on campus, the admission’s department, payroll, and IT department, as well as one job outside of campus at Vector Marketing.

She worked hard as she could while taking care of her brothers. A few years later, she found herself walking on the theatre’s stage at New Rochelle’s to accept her college diploma.

Everybody Included

In Texas, a teenager met an unfortunate accident while eating at his favorite fast food establishment. The teen had to go through many surgeries until he became stabilized. He had to spend more weeks in the intensive care unit to make sure he doesn’t relapse.

Despite getting in a freakish accident and going through many surgeries, teenager Josh Farmer feared something else. He was afraid that he was going to miss his own graduation ceremony.

Josh’s ceremony was only a week away when he got admitted to intensive care. And seeing that he had no way of making it, he resigned himself to his thoughts.

However, his school’s officials had other plans for him. They decided that if Josh couldn’t make it to the ceremony, the ceremony would come to him.

A day before the event, Josh became surprised by the number of people in the ICU. His parents, friends, and other relatives were all there. His principal then entered, and Josh realized what was happening. The principal gave him a special recognition and filmed the entire thing. It was then shown in the following day in the ceremony, making sure Josh was a part of it.

The Internet Makes Strange Bedfellows

Financial problems and a broken car caused this man to miss his son’s ceremony. Florida man Troy Branch expressed his frustrations over the internet once he found out his son was going to graduate without him by his side.

He thought he’d post a forum on his favorite social site, Reddit, about his predicament. To his surprise, Troy got many responses in no time. Several Reddit users gave Troy affordable means to watch his son graduate.

One user told him about a cheap bus company that could take him to Orlando from Tallahassee. Another user picked up Branch from his destination in Orlando and took him to the ceremony’s venue.

More Reddit users all pitched in and gave over $300 through PayPal to Troy. They told him to use the money to take his sons out to celebrate.

In Her Son’s Footsteps

Twenty-year-old Braydon Hester was on his way to greatness. He was days away from getting his high school equivalency diploma. Also, he was to get a welding certificate. This was for his completion of a program in a community college in Mississippi.

However, at a Mardi Gras Parade, Braydon passed away. All his hard work was going to go unrecognized if not for his mother. Lisa Husley donned her son’s cap and gown. She was the one who took her son’s diploma in his place.

She wanted to make sure Braydon’s death was not in vain. She even enrolled at the same school and pursued a certificate for human services.

Inspire Yourself with these Graduation Stories that will Touch Your Heart

Graduation doesn’t have to be a scary thing. These graduation stories will make you think otherwise. They’ll even melt your heart in the process.

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