How to Make and Print Your Own DIY Water Bottle Labels

diy water bottle labels

Do you sell your own water bottles? It’s a great business since every other industry relies on clean, drinking water for their employees.

However, you need to stand out from the competition. After all, why would a business prefer yours over the other ones they can get in a convenience store?

One solution is to make and print your own DIY water bottle labels.

Yes, traditional labels aren’t dead yet, despite the rapid pace of digital platforms. In fact, the label industry is growing at a rapid pace and its current value is at $16.5 billion. You could step in and give it a try yourself.

It’s not as hard as you’d think. For one thing, there are a lot of websites that give free water bottle template designs. They come in different designs that you’ll like.

Are you ready to know how to make your own water bottle labels for free? Read on and find out.

1. Print Your Label

If you’re not getting your water bottle labels from professional designers, you can print out the ones you got for free. Check if you have local printers or order the prints from the internet, but if you have a good printer, you can always use it instead.

The best material to use is cardstock, but if it isn’t available, you can settle for normal paper.

2. Trim

Once you get the prints, you can trim it to the size you want. The best tool for the job is a paper trimmer since it allows you to have straighter edges and look better when applied.

If that isn’t an option, you can always use scissors, making sure that you’re doing it in a steady manner. As soon as you’re done, get your bottles and some tape.

3. Remove the Old Labels

Ever tried getting buff? You have to first lose excess weight before you can build muscles. Following the same principle, you have to get rid of the old labels before implementing the new one.

It’s best if you use soda or water bottles and choose the ones that have flat surfaces. Peel off the old label from the bottle in a slow but steady manner, always ensuring that all traces of the old labels disappear. Otherwise, your new labels might not sit well superimposed with the old one.

4. Put the New Labels

Check the bottle and see where the air bubble is since you’ll find a code printed on the water bottle. Once found, you can use this as the back of the bottle you wish to put a new water bottle label DIY.

Use tape to the first side of the new label to the bottle, and if you want to save more, you can use a double-stick tape. It doesn’t apply when you use waterproof labels since they don’t need tape to stick.

Finish it off by overlapping the second end of the label with the first. You can use tape to stick them together. You’re done!

Learn DIY Water Bottle Labels Today!

Making your own labels is a fun and relaxing DIY experience.

If you want to give water bottles to people participating in sports events, this is a good place to do it since you can even put custom inspirational messages on the DIY water bottle labels to help the competitors go by.

Regardless, the possibilities of its use are endless. You might stumble on the first few tries but with practice, you can make it look professional.

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