If They Can Do It, You Can Too: 4 Stories From Celebrities In Recovery

celebrities in recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of Americans every year.

If you’re one of them, it may seem as though there is no way out. That’s not the case. With the right support and rehabilitation sobriety is possible.

In this post, we’ll prove it by giving you some examples of celebrities in recovery. Read on to get inspired and start making a change in your life.

Four Celebrities in Recovery to Give You Inspiration

Hollywood is filled with stories of drug and alcohol abuse. Here are four famous people who overcame it all and beat addiction.

1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been incredibly open about her drug and alcohol use, self-harm, her eating disorders, and her rehabilitation.

Earlier this year, she celebrated six years of being sober. But, she later relapsed, and after an overdose, she checked into rehab in August.

She made no secret about her struggles, writing a song about them entitled ‘Sober’. She also appeared in a documentary called ‘Simply Complicated’ in which she talks in detail about her addiction.

2. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was thrust into the spotlight and exposed to drug and alcohol as a young child actor, so it’s no surprise that she developed an addiction during her career.

By age 13, she checked into a facility to tackle her addiction. However, it would take a suicide attempt and another stint in rehab before she became sober. After a hellish battle with drugs and alcohol, she finally kicked the habit and went on to have a hugely successful career.

3. Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry famously struggled with alcoholism and an addiction to Vicodin during his time on the hit TV show, Friends.

While he never drank on set, his addictions did cause problems on the show, and he often went into work shaking and sweating. In 1997 he checked himself into a rehab facility. Like many of those who suffer from addiction, he’s had relapses, but he’s stayed sober since 2001.

To help others with similar struggles, Perry converted his Malibu mansion into a sober living facility. Those who are looking for comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction can visit Inspire Malibu.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis became addicted to painkillers after taking them to ease the pain of a cosmetic surgery procedure when she was 35.

Her abuse of the medication spiraled out of control, and she became so addicted that she even began stealing painkillers from her sister.

It was her daughter who drove her to kick the habit, as Curtis worried about the effects her addiction was having on her. She calls her recovery the greatest accomplishment of her life, and since then, she has been advocating for ongoing medical treatment for those who suffer from addiction.

After it was announced that Prince’s death may have been due to similar substance abuse, Curtis opened up about her struggles with opiate addiction through an essay in the Huffington Post.

Take the First Step

Many celebrities in recovery seek professional help to beat their addictions.

It’s incredibly difficult to do it on your own. That’s why inpatient drug rehab is so important. It gives people the structure, tools, and guidance they need to tackle the root causes of their addictions and leave them behind.

If someone you know is suffering from addiction, find out more about how you can help them through their treatment.