What are the Most Popular CBD Oil Brands?

cbd oil brands

Over the last decade, CBD oil started to soar in popularity. Patients love CBD oil’s effectiveness with no side effects to worry about. Even though the war on drugs, more people started to see the benefits of marijuana and of CBD.

Because of this, more CBD brands began to emerge. And when there are more CBD products available, there’s more variety. All CBD users are different and there’s likely a CBD brand that you will love.

But how do you find them? It’s a saturated market and it’s hard to know what you want.

Here’s a list of the most popular CBD oil brands.

Herbal Renewals

Herbal Renewals makes outstanding CBD concentrates.

They’re popular with patients, specifically patients who suffer from pain. These products are extremely strong; just a small amount of CBD will be effective. They also don’t use any other flavors or ingredients.

Herbal Renewals guarantees their products are low in THC so you don’t receive an unwelcome “high.”

They offer a wide range of products to all CBD users. Whether you prefer a tincture spray or a vaporizer, Herbal Renewals has you covered. They even sell CBD products for pets.

You can easily order Herbal Renewals products online.

4 Corners Cannabis

It’s hard finding a brand that’s owned and operated by true cannabis growers.

But 4 Corners Cannabis is run by people who have the love for the cannabis industry. Since they’re expert growers, their CBD products are some of the best-tasting.

They have complete knowledge of cannabis and CBD and make some expert products.

Out of all of the brands on this list, 4 Corners Cannabis is probably the most expensive. But their products are the purest and high-quality CBD you’ll consume.

Alternate Vape

Do you prefer vaping CBD? If so, buy products from Alternate Vape. This brand makes CBD oil in a variety of delicious flavors.

Some of their most popular flavors are citrus and mint. You will look forward to each dose and will want to taste that delicious flavor.

Not only do these products have no THC but they also have no nicotine. Their CBD doesn’t restrict quality; it’s smooth and powerful.

This brand is recommended if you want CBD for minor fixes, such as relaxation. This CBD oil isn’t designed to treat health conditions.

This also makes this brand perfect for beginners. Alternate Vape sells beginners kit so you can get used to vaping CBD oil.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is one of the newest CBD oil companies. But their exposure is increasing thanks to their devotion to creating high-quality CBD products. They don’t use any GMOs and this business is very personable.

Another reason why Lazarus Naturals is so popular is that they sell their CBD oil at a great price. Even though their products are high-quality, they’re affordable. They even have options for veterans and low-income families.


CBDfx is popular because their CBD vape juice is ideal for both beginners and seasoned users. CBDfx makes a popular pre-filled cartridge that lasts for 300 hits. And there are more advanced products for experienced users.

Their products are available in different strength degrees. This is very inventive since it’s rare that manufacturers have this option.

All of their CBD products are sourced from organic hemp plants with EU standards (even though they’re based in California).

Their CBD oil is rich in CBD but also essential terpenes that help heal and give the CBD oil a delicious flavor. You can choose vape pens, vape additives, and more.


Another newbie on the market, CBDistillery emerged in Colorado’s popular cannabis scene in 2016. Their hemp is sourced both domestically and internationally.

They’re one of the highest ranking for quality and value, especially for the price. They offer a wide range of products — from full-spectrum to isolates.

This brand is recommended for advanced users. They have a wide range of products and not many sources for beginners. It’s best you know what you want when ordering from this company.

Plus CBD Oil

Would you rather indulge in CBD capsules? CBD capsules are often recommended for beginners.

They’re easier to take and dosing is more convenient. For quality, there’s no better brand than Plus CBD Oil. Because of their strength, they’re long-lasting and act fast — even as an edible!

Plus CBD Oil uses natural sourced CBD with no flavors or additives. This means you won’t taste any unfamiliar flavors. They’re tasteless and easy to swallow.

It’s recommended you take one or two with food. Beginners should always start with one.

Want to use Plus CBD products but don’t want to take capsules? They offer other products such as topicals, such as an extra-strength hemp balm.

Canna Trading Co.

Canna Trading Co. has high-quality products and a trendy image. But what makes this company stand out is their education. This is why Canna Trading Co. is recommended for beginners.

Keep in mind, their products are a little limited. But you get great products at an affordable price.

Floyds of Leadville

If you truly want a versatile brand, purchase from Floyds of Leadville. They have a wide array of products which includes soft gels, tinctures, and creams.

What separates this brand from the rest is the story behind this company. The owner, Floyd, suffered from pain and depression. He relied on prescription drugs to get him through the day.

When he discovered CBD oil, his life changed. He wants to share his success story with the world.

You can purchase Floyds of Leadville products through this website.

Time to Buy CBD From the Best CBD Oil Brands

CBD is growing rapidly and more patients are reaping the benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil is a natural way to treat a variety of ailments.

But to ensure you’re getting the help you need, you need to buy CBD from the best CBD oil brands. These brands have high-quality products are any CBD user can find a product they like from any of these brands.

Read through these brands and find the products that are best for you.

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