10 Inspiring Sober Success Stories That Will Help You in Recovery

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Does getting sober and, more importantly, staying sober sound like something that will be impossible for you?

If you’ve been using alcohol for a long time, you might be under the impression that you have no hope. But in reality, there are so many sobriety stories out there that can encourage and motivate you to get and stay clean for years to come.

If you’re struggling with sobriety and looking for help, you should read a few of these sobriety stories and keep them in mind as you start your journey.

Here are 10 inspiring sober success stories that will help you in recovery.

1. Putting an End to the Madness

By the time he hit the age of 35, John had been arrested for DUI on three occasions. He had also been fired from countless jobs and struggled to maintain relationships with several women.

He used to use alcohol to forget about his problems…until he realized that alcohol was his problem!

Following his third DUI, John checked himself into a rehab center. He’s been clean for three years now, and while he’s still dealing with the consequences of his DUI arrests, he has a steady job and is even thinking about getting engaged to a woman he’s been dating.

None of this would have been possible if he had continued down the path he was headed.

2. Bringing the Binge Drinking to a Stop

After college, Kristen, now 27, had a hard time getting adjusted to the “real world.” She couldn’t find a job in her field and got hit with a bunch of student loan bills at once.

She tried to escape her issues by binge drinking at the local bar every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night just like she used to in college. But all that did was make it harder for her to find the energy to get a job and start paying down her student loan debt.

She made the decision to quit drinking altogether and got help for her problem once she turned 25. Before long, she landed a job, restructured her student loan payments, and found a way to move out on her own.

She found out that the “real world” isn’t so scary after all, as long as you don’t make life harder than it has to be by binge drinking.

3. Finding a Purpose in the Birth of a New Child

Brian always told himself that he would quit drinking one day. That day came when the then-30-year-old found out that his wife Veronica was pregnant.

He didn’t want to miss a single moment of his new baby’s life and vowed to stop drinking as much as he had in the past.

Brian and Veronica’s “baby” is now 5 and just started kindergarten. Brian hasn’t had a sip of alcohol since the baby was born and is so glad that he’s been able to watch the baby grow up.

4. Creating a Better Life Without the Booze

When he turned 50, Joe realized that his life was starting to get away from him. He was working at a dead-end job he didn’t like and easing the pain that came along with it by downing beers from the time he got home at night to the time he went to bed.

It wasn’t long before it started to take a toll on other aspects of his life. His wife told him she was unhappy and his kids stopped wanting to be around him, which only made things worse.

Joe decided he wanted more out of life, and he set his sights on creating a better life by trying to live without beer.

It was hard at first! But he sought out help for his problem and worked on it a little bit at a time.

Today, Joe is 55 and working at a new job that he loves. He’s also reestablished relationships with his wife and kids and has so much more time to do activities with them when he comes home at night.

5. Refusing to Allow a Relapse to End the Journey

Ginny tried her best to quit drinking when she was 25. But she relapsed and fell back into a destructive pattern again.

She tried her best to quit drinking when she was 30. But she relapsed for the second time and fell right back into her old ways.

The same thing happened when she was 35 and 40, which left her feeling like she would never be able to stay sober.

But on the fifth try, the 45-year-old succeeded! She found the right rehab center for her and learned how to deal with and recover from an alcohol relapse.

Learn how you can do it if you ever find yourself in the same boat.

6. Learning How to Live Without Liquor

Jacob used to spend almost every waking minute either thinking about or drinking alcohol. The 42-year-old grabbed a can of beer for breakfast before washing down lunch and dinner with wine.

As you might imagine, it was difficult to break this cycle. But he didn’t have much of a choice. His doctor told him he wouldn’t live to see 43 if he didn’t put an end to his behavior.

Jacob needed to be hospitalized in order to safely detox from alcohol. He then needed to spend weeks in a rehab center breaking his bad habits.

But he did end up seeing 43. He also ended up seeing 44, 45, 46, 47, and now 48! He has been sober for five years and has learned how to live without drinking liquor all the time.

7. Helping Others by Helping Himself

Bob is 38. He made the decision to stop drinking a decade ago because he was tired of waking up every morning with a hangover.

He thought a clear head would be the biggest benefit of sobriety. But he actually found that he felt so good after getting sober that he wanted to help others make the same move he did.

He has been an alcohol addiction counselor for the last 8 years and has helped countless addicts get sober. Quitting alcohol is the most rewarding decision he’s ever made.

8. Winning at Life, One Day at a Time

Gerry used to be a professional athlete. He spent a few years playing minor league baseball and eventually got called up to the majors where it looked like he would stay for years to come.

But an arm injury derailed his career and forced him to retire just one season later. He drowned his sorrows in the bottom of a bottle and had no idea what he was going to do next.

Gerry is now 40 and alcohol-free. Although he allowed himself to linger in a bad place for a few years, he decided to stop feeling bad for himself and get the help he needed to quit drinking.

He coaches baseball now and has his sights set on getting back to the majors one day as a manager. It’s a goal that seems far more likely now that he’s not drinking.

9. Emptying Out the Fridge and Starting Fresh

Samantha has only been sober for a day. But she just took a huge step: She emptied out her refrigerator and got rid of all the beer and wine she had in it.

The beer and wine probably cost her upwards of $100 when she bought it. But she’s glad it’s gone, and she hopes it’ll help her stay sober for another day.

She plans to take it one day at a time and see where life takes her.

10. Putting the Bottle Down Together for the Last Time

The last thing Freddie thought he would become in life was an alcoholic. He used to hate how much his dad would drink every night, and he told himself he would never go down that path.

But by the time he turned 24, Freddie was already drinking too much. Worse, he was drinking with his dad and essentially giving him yet another reason to drink.

But then, a funny thing happened: His dad said he didn’t like the direction his son’s life was headed. Freddie responded by telling his dad that they should both go and try to get sober. Amazingly, his dad agreed.

There have been some bumps along the way. But Freddie and his dad have both been sober for about a year now. They’re glad to be taking this incredible journey together.

Remember These Sobriety Stories as You Move Forward

Use these sobriety stories to motivate you to stay sober as you strive to remove alcohol from your life.

Whether you just started your fight to become sober or you’ve been working at it for years, the stories are proof of the good that can come from sobriety.

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