7 Easy Feng Shui Tips Anyone Can Incorporate in Their Decor

feng shui tips

Sure, you’ve heard of Feng Shui. But have you heard of all the ways this ancient art can improve your home and your life?

Feng Shui isn’t just a theory as to how you ought to arrange your couches. It’s a traditional practice that can lend people and the atmosphere of their homes a sense of serenity, peace, and balance.

The impact of using this practice to design your home can be huge – and the process of implementing the ancient art in your decor and layout can be super simple. All you need are some simple Feng Shui tips.

Check out these seven ways you can incorporate Feng Shui into the decor and overall design of your home – and watch your life become happier and more fulfilling through the process!

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Much of the tradition behind Feng Shui has to do with achieving the free and easy flow of energy throughout a space. Know what interrupts that flow? Clutter.

One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving true Feng Shui in your home is to eliminate all unnecessary belongings. If you’ve lived in one place for an extended amount of time, chances are, you’ve built up a fair amount of clutter.

Make a point to do away with anything that doesn’t serve a practical purpose. Everything you do decide to keep should have its own, deliberate place in your home.

De-cluttering your home may be a bit of a process; it may be several days or even weeks of clearing unnecessary stuff out of your home. In the end, however, you’ll find yourself with a neater home and a lighter, happier soul.

2. Fix Whatever Is Broken

You wouldn’t (we hope!) walk around for long with a broken bone or illness, right? That’s because broken bones and feeling sick are often alarming and unsettling – they’re things we realize must be fixed before we can feel okay again.

So…why don’t you treat the broken things in your home with the same seriousness and dedication?

Chances are, although you’ve tried to ignore it, the broken door handle in the bedroom and the wobbly stair rail have been weighing on your mind, cluttering it still further while you continue to ignore them.

When it comes to achieving Feng Shui in your home, you haven’t got a chance if you don’t take the time to remedy all your home’s ailments. If it’s broken, fix it, and wait for your soul to feel lighter and more intact.

3. Let Light in

Everyone loves natural light. Working to Feng Shui your home may show you, though, that you’re not taking as much advantage of your space’s natural light as you could be.

Light and air are two absolutely essential elements of Feng Shui; without achieving the best quality of each, it’s unlikely that your space will ever reach its full potential energy.

So get rid of those curtains – consider trading them out for some sheer white or brightly-colored drapes. Consider snagging some awesome air-purifying plants and keeping the windows and doors of your home wide open whenever possible.

Keep your space as bright and open as possible. You’ll sense the shift in your home’s energy right away.

4. Let the Outdoors in Too

Let’s talk about those air-purifying plants.

Besides improving the quality of the air in your home, keeping a host of plants can encourage growth and creativity in the humans who share their space. Science has proven time and again the positive impact of nature on the human psyche, which means this aspect of Feng Shui is undeniably important.

Consider the amount of electronics you have in your home. Try to match however many electronics and other distracting appliances you have in your space with one plant each.

Five electronics? Five plants.

The balance between distractions and nature will prove essential for shifting your mindset toward better energies.

5. Keep Things in Balance

Speaking of balance: when it comes to your home’s decor and achieving Feng Shui throughout your space, it’s super important to maintain peaceful balance.

Now, keep in mind – there’s a difference between balance and symmetry. We’re definitely not suggesting that you need to buy two of everything and create mirrored sides of your home.

We’re referring more to the idea of distributing decor intentionally and carefully throughout your space, ensuring that no one area of your home is neglected or left decor-heavy.

Pay close attention to the little things; three plants on one side of the room and none on the other? Consider shifting one to the opposite end of the room to allow for better distribution and flow.

Since Feng Shui is all about achieving a balance between ourselves and our surroundings, it’s important to achieve that balance in the elements of our home too. Balancing your home’s decor leads to balancing your home’s energy.

6. Mind the Door

One of the more widely-recognized nuances of Feng Shui has to do with the arrangement of your home’s furniture.

There are lots of rules and theories that have to do with how exactly your furniture should be arranged in the given space. A simpler way to achieve Feng Shui in your home is to pay attention to how things are arranged in relation to each room’s door.

It’s unlikely that your home will ever boast completely positive energy if your spaces are arranged in a way that doesn’t respect the space’s doorway. Working, interacting, and simply living with your back to the door actually puts you at a physical disadvantage and a psychological preoccupation with whatever may come through it.

Take care to arrange furniture with respect to your home’s doorways.

In some circumstances, it may be difficult or impossible to arrange furniture logically with regard to the doorways. Consider using mirrors to allow for a more efficient flow of energy that stems from your power and ability to see and anticipate movement from the doorway.

7. Incorporate the Elements of Feng Shui

Working with each of the previous six practices of Feng Shui when drafting your home’s decor can put you on the necessary path toward achieving a truly balanced, freeing, and zen home space. If you’re looking to take your dedication to Feng Shui in home decor, you’ll need to learn more about the elements of Feng Shui.

Traditional Feng Shui is based around five different elements. Each corresponds to a different group of people depending on their birthdate.

To learn more about how to strike the perfect balance in your home decor, find out whether your birth element is Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal.

Understanding what Feng Shui means for you on a personal level may be exactly what you need to find the perfect energy in your home and decor.

Want More Feng Shui Tips?

Channeling balance and Feng Shui into your home can be super simple and easy. The psychological and emotional benefits are beyond worth the thought that goes into it.

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