4 Outstanding Benefits of Being Happy You Could Be Enjoying Right Now

benefits of being happy

Look, we all want to be happy, right?

Did you know that there are actually some serious health benefits to remaining upbeat?

The benefits of being happy are pretty great and they’re enough to affect your body as well as your mind. Keep going, we’re here to show you four great benefits you’ll enjoy from being happy.

1. A Stronger Immune System

In a surprising twist, a 2003 study found that being happy actually strengthened the immune system of participants.

The study found that those who had more positive emotions overall had a heightened immune response to the common cold. Indeed, those who reported that they were happier were much less likely to have caught the disease after the intentional exposure.

Basically, being happy can keep you from being sick.

2. Combating Stress

Stress isn’t just mentally taxing, it can also cause the release of cortisol into your bloodstream and cause other problems with hormonal and neurotransmitter balance.

Fortunately, being happy can help to make sure that you react better to stress overall. While being overly stressed can lead to being unhappy, positive emotions will help to keep stress from overwhelming you when things do get rough.

If stress does overwhelm you, make sure that you work on getting yourself back on your feet as quickly as possible. Long term stress has some serious health effects.

3. You’ll Stay More Active

Happier people tend to be much more active.

The implications are obvious: even if you’re not actively hitting the gym the extra physical activity will help you reach out over time. People with lower moods will tend to move around less which naturally means they’re getting less exercise.

Staying active is one of the biggest parts of being healthy.

Exercise is also a natural way to lift your mood, which means that you may want to hit the gym if you’ve been feeling down lately.

4. You’ll Live Longer

People who are happier tend to have longer lifespans.

How much? Well one study showed a difference of seven to ten years between the least happy and the happiest participants. In this case they were nuns, but it’s likely to hold true for pretty much everyone.

So, if you’re happier then not only will you enjoy life more… you’re also likely to get more of it.

That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being Happy!

Being positive isn’t always easy but the benefits of being happy are enormous in the long run.

Do what you can to remain happy. Get a dog or cat. Dress up in some new bodyrags. Exercise and eat healthy.

The important thing is that you make sure that you’re feeling good at the end of the day. That mental attitude will enable your entire body to be healthier than you ever thought possible.

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