The Benefits of Religion: 10 Ways Faith Can Change Your Life

benefits of religion

It’s no secret that the world isn’t in great shape these days. Famine, poverty, political conflict, and so much more plague our society.

But if you’re trying to convince yourself or a loved one about the importance of religion, you’ll want to keep reading. We’ve compiled 10 of the best benefits of religion to show you how faith can change lives.

1. Religion Can Make You Feel Less Alone

If you’re struggling with anxiety and depression, every day can be a challenge. You may find that you feel like you’re all alone even if you have a huge support system.

While religion alone can’t help you with ailments like anxiety and depression, it can certainly alleviate some of the symptoms. Religion, when paired with medicine, a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle can help you feel less alone.

Wondering how?

All religions focus on a higher being in some capacity. Even if your deity of choice takes a hands-off approach, it can still be comforting to know that someone out there has your back.

2. Faith Gives Hope For The Future

It’s understandable that you may have read the introduction to this article only to find yourself concerned with the state of the world. In truth, we are, too.

But each and every day we can take small steps toward making this world a better place. Even in some ways that you may not have previously thought of.

Simple, optimism, for instance, can do wonders for the world. A chipper attitude is infectious in the best way. Soon, you’ll notice your optimism rubbing off on those around you.

3. Worship Can Help You Find A Community

Churches and public areas of worship make for great avenues to discover new friends. Fellowship is one of the oldest ways that religion influences society.

So whether you’re a lapsed believer, you’re interested in meeting some like-minded individuals, or you want to see what this religion stuff is about for yourself, head to your local place of worship.

You’ll always be welcomed with open arms and a smile.

4. Learn To Let Go Of The Past

While you can’t change the past, you don’t have to imprison yourself in a life of regret and shame. No matter who you are or what you did, religion offers a way to redeem yourself.

So whether you’re looking to forgive those who wronged you in the past or you want to learn how to move past your own transgressions, religion is all about redemption.

See more about how religion can even have a positive influence on your addiction recovery.

5. Religious People Tend To Be Happier

Here’s a fun fact for you! According to a Pew Forum finding, those who practice religion or consider themselves to be religious tend to live happier, fuller lives.

Reasons found in this report include a more fulfilling social life, general satisfaction with life, and an even better outlook on family life.

Pew even discovered that those who considered themselves to be highly religious were more likely to donate their time, goods, or money to those less fortunate.

6. You’ll Gain An Optimistic Outlook

It’s so easy to have a negative outlook on life. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion you’ve been after. Or perhaps you’re struggling to make enough money to cover your basic necessities. Or maybe a family member is ill and you’re already grieving.

We all go through time times in life. It’s what you do during those times that dictates who you are.

Finding religion may help you stay positive. Having a favorite verse of scripture to quote during a tumultuous period can reframe your thoughts in a more positive manner.

7. Religion Can Facilitate A Healthier Lifestyle

Here’s a cool fact, religion may actually make you healthier! It may sound too strange to be true, but regular fellowship and even small amounts of physical activity can have huge impacts on your health.

According to a Duke Health study published in 1997, those who attended regular religious services unintentionally boosted their immune system.

Plus, if you’re regularly active around the church, there’s a good chance you’ll get a bit of a workout helping with event setups or church potlucks. In essence, you’re burning calories and boosting your immune system just by hanging out with fellow believers.

8. Lead By Example

If you struggle with forgiveness, you may view yourself or others through a critical lens. As religion teaches us, the best way to change the world is to lead by example.

Gaining and practicing faith can provide you ample opportunities to have a positive influence on the world.

Whether you’re volunteering, mentoring, or even helping out a friend or loved one around the house, your seemingly small actions will have a global influence over time.

9. Give Your Life Direction And Meaning

One of the biggest reasons why people follow a religion is due to the idea that life isn’t really over when we die.

For some, the afterlife is all the reason to live. The notion that there’s something else out there can keep you going through a hard time or influence your decisions in life.

And if that’s what helps you, we say go for it!

10. You’ll Live A More Peaceful Life

Finally, religion can help us gain an unparalleled sense of peace. Through religion, we can feel connected with a god, nature, and those around us.

Spend enough time meditating on your faith and you’ll feel the worries of the world wash away.

The Benefits Of Religion Are Abundant

Finding religion is something that many people may initially balk at. But these 10 benefits of religion show that faith has so much to offer if you welcome it into your heart.

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