How to Feel More Confident: 8 Hacks to Feel Sure of Yourself

how to feel more confident

Your self-esteem shapes your thoughts, experiences, and your relationships. It can also go up and down causing you to have negative assumptions.

Your self-confidence can also affect your earnings. A recent study found that more confident blue-collar workers earned about $7,000 more annually than those who lacked confidence. For white collar workers, more confident people earned an average of $28,000 a year more!

When you’re unsure of yourself, others will be unsure of you. If you want to know how to feel more confident, here are 8 hacks you should know.

1. How to Feel More Confident – Stop Labeling Yourself!

In order to feel more confident, you need to start with your own picture of yourself. Don’t label yourself as timid, weir, or shy, you are telling yourself to live that way subconsciously. Visualize and tell yourself that you are confident.

Take time to picture how you want to be. Celebrate the positives and practice picturing yourself achieving your goals. Be a cheerleader for your accomplishments and goals.

Remember the old saying, “seeing is believing?” Once you see yourself meeting your goals, you will do it. Be that confident person!

2. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Take control of any conversation by asking open-ended questions. This will help you think about what you want to say. You can pick up ideas based on how the other person answers the question.

You can control the conversation and what you like to talk about. This encourages you to get into a conversation, which is showing you have confidence. You won’t have to worry about awkward silence, and you can talk about yourself in a way that you want.

People love to see that you are interested in them. Asking simple questions can help conversations go in a positive direction.

3. Attack the Negative

Don’t let negative thoughts attack you – you should attack them. Don’t let those voices in your head say “you can’t do that” or “that’s a stupid idea.” Be aware of those thoughts and turn them away.

We have always thought negative to protect ourselves. It has been essential for years of survival. We need to find the good thoughts to keep us happy.

Here are some tricks:

  • Think of five positive thoughts for every negative thought
  • Think about each of those positive thoughts for 20 seconds
  • Acknowledge both your bad and good feelings
  • Label the feelings and move on

You can’t get away from negative thinking – it’s human nature. You can only learn to combat it and overcome with positive thoughts.

4. Everyone is Human

This is a good place to start – no one is perfect. Remember that. We are all the same – human.

Anytime your self-confidence starts to dip when you talk to someone. Remember that person is no different than you. That person probably also has many insecurities no matter how beautiful or successful he or she is!

We are all going through this thing called life. Why get frightened by someone else? We all want to connect.

5. Watch Your Body Language

Be sure you have good posture, smile, and make eye contact. The simple act of pulling your shoulders back lets people know you are confident. Smiling also makes you look better; let alone feel better.

If you think of a smiling person with good posture, you would think they are confident, right? Practice in front of the mirror. A confident smile is the first thing someone sees and can be more attractive than physical looks.

Be sure you look the person in the eye when you talk to him or her. When you speak, slow down. The person will understand you better.

Look the person directly in the eye. Don’t look anywhere else. Nothing says confidence more than eye contact.

Image means just as much as body language. You feel better in certain outfits, right? Be sure you take the time to do your hair and shave.

Try a new hairstyle. Ask an associate in the store for style tips. It’s important to feel good about yourself – it will show when you meet new people.

Buy some new clothes that make you feel good. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you feel good before heading out.

6. Help Someone

Taking the time to help someone else will make you grateful for your life. It also feels good to see the difference you can make.

Volunteer or mentor someone. Use your spare time to make a positive impact and not focus on your weaknesses. Your self-confidence will grow.

7. Get Energized

Take time to get your energy up. You can exercise, listen to your favorite music, jump around, dance, or anything else that makes you feel good. Your senses will get a jolt and you will get alert.

Figure out your own routine before you do anything. Being physically active (even jumping for 10 seconds) gets your adrenaline going and can give you your secret weapon. Just don’t get too sweaty before a presentation.

8. Prepare Yourself

This may seem simple – but it is the most effective. Be prepared for anything. It will give you all the confidence you need.

Do you have a big presentation? Practice so much you can’t stand it anymore. Review all your notes.

If you have a big date, practice and play the scenarios in your head. What do you want the person to know about you? Make a list.

Remember no one sees your preparation. They see the final product. Talk yourself through every scenario.

Success comes from a lot of practice. Remember the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” That saying rings true for self-confidence – it takes time and effort.

Learn everything you can about your field. What’s on your conquer list? Set your goals and start preparing.

Achievement is 10 percent performance and 90 percent preparation. If you know what you are talking about, you won’t worry about others. Your hard work and presentation will show and you can do anything.

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