8 Positive Things to Say About Yourself

positive things to say about yourself

People who are less stressed and have a more positive outlook on life have been proven to be healthier. They are more likely to live a longer, more fulfilled life with lower blood pressure and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, with the stresses of everyday life, positive thinking can be difficult, even though it’s so important. You can make new habits stick by taking slow steps and repeating the habit daily. Practice these positive things to say about yourself, and you’ll slowly start to notice that you’re developing a more positive mindset.

8 Positive Things To Say About Yourself

It takes about thirty days to build a new habit. You can say all of these things to yourself for thirty days until it becomes a habit that leads to a better outlook on life and a healthier lifestyle.

I Am Grateful

Gratitude is proven to make you happier. When you look around and deliberately, mindfully recognize the things that you have in life, you’ll start to actively appreciate them.

As a practical way to start practicing gratitude, create a gratitude journal. Each day, write down something you’re grateful for – maybe it’s even more than one thing. Alternatively, you can post them as a Facebook status each day, as long as your friends don’t get annoyed.

You can also show other people that you’re grateful for them by sending them a quick thank you text. Not only will it make you feel good, but will make others feel good, too.

I Forgive Others

There’s a quote out there that says that holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Not forgiving other people causes a toxic buildup in your mind that only gets worse with time. It’s also said that forgiveness is not free – but it can help to free you.

When you forgive another person, you receive a number of health benefits, including a release of oxytocin and a decrease in anxiety. Forgiveness forges the road ahead for more resilience and happiness in your future relationships.

I Am Loved

People who spend about a quarter of the hours in their day socializing with either family or friends are reported to feel twelve times as happy as others who feel anxious and did not spend the time with others.

When you feel loved, your brain triggers increased levels of happiness. Make time to send with your friends and family, but if you absolutely don’t have the time, remind yourself that even though you can’t see them, there are people out there who love you.

You’re Perfect the Way You Are

As far as looks go, those deemed to be in the top fifteen percent of beautiful people in the world are happier than the people who ranked lower on the list.

Now, we all know that beauty isn’t everything. But telling yourself that you’re beautiful and perfect just the way that you are? That can help to boost your positive thinking and create more happiness for you as you go throughout life.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and looking at others and wish you had what they had or look like they look is a sure way to backfire on your positive thinking mission.

I Can’t Control Everything, But I Can Control My Response

Anxiety is mainly caused by worrying about things that are out of our control. There are, however, always going to be some things that are completely out of our realm of jurisdiction.

By realizing that you can’t be in control all the time, but you can choose how you react to the things out of your control, you actually gain back a hold on the situation. Reacting positively to a negative situation can make it not seem so negative at all.

Failure is Your Best Teacher

Instead of letting a letdown keep you feeling upset, look at it as a celebration. When you learn a way to not do something, you can cross that off your list and tackle the problem in a new way.

The man who reached the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. You have to try in order to acheive something, which means you’ll most likely fail at least once. Look at those failures as stepping closer to a solution.

I Will Not Judge

Judging is human nature, but the more actively you seek to hold your thoughts before passing judgment on another person, the happier you will feel.

When you judge someone else, it also means you’re judging yourself. You’re looking at another person and pitting them against yourself, and drawing a conclusion about that person based on your own merits.

Let go of your judgment by realizing that everyone around you is going through life with just as many difficulties as you are, and everyone manifests that realization in a different way. When you judge less, it’s easier to forgive, and easier to accept others.

I Will Be Patient

When you’re going through a painful situation, it’s a sign that something will change or that something needs to change. Being patient when it comes to decision making also displays high moral character and helps you make decisions that will make you happier in the future.

Rash decisions lead to unhappy situations that you wish you’d thought through more effectively, and can take a long time to fix.

Don’t Give Up

It takes more than two months for a new behavior to become automatic, so if you’re having a difficult time thinking of positive things to say about yourself, don’t give up. Some people take even more time to develop habits.

When you put in small steps each day, they add up to the end result little by little. Understanding this from the beginning will help keep you from getting discouraged because you know that incremental improvements are better than no improvements at all.

And once you’re able to motivate yourself, you’ll be ready to be able to motivate others and help them to gain a more positive life, too.