Reclaim Your Life: How to Get Rid of Toxic Friends

how to get rid of toxic friends

Your quality of life is only as great as the environment you dwell in. You wouldn’t want to live in a crime-ridden neighborhood or in a home that’s infested with rodents.

So why would you settle for living a life filled with so-called friends who are nothing but toxic to you? These type of people only put you in bad moods and situations, which can raise your stress levels and lower your overall well-being.

For this reason, we’re recommending that you learn how to get rid of toxic friends and take back your life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people feel that just because they’ve been friends for years that they must stay committed to the relationship no matter what. However, you won’t even find married couples sticking it out if they’re unhappy.

If you’re looking to make improvements in your life, then the first place you should start is detoxing your circle of friends.

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to get rid of toxic friends.

Be Honest and Upfront

Sure, this sounds a bit scary, especially if you’re the non-confrontational type. However, this is the best route to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Letting your toxic friends know that you disapprove of their behavior, attitudes, or actions is the first step to clearing the path to a brighter future.

Who knows, maybe a good heart-to-heart will open their eyes and they’ll make some improvements. Otherwise, maybe they’ll make it easier and show themselves out the door.

Once You Hit Delete, Make It Permanent

It’s easy to get caught up in your feelings and the feelings of your toxic friends. But don’t let this stop you from permanently cutting people out of your life. You don’t want to be like the couples who are constantly on again, off again.

Make it a swift and final “divorce” so that your toxic friends don’t keep creeping back into your life. This will only prolong getting your life back and could cause you to get caught up in more drama and harmful situations.

Make Real Effort to Find New Friends

Now, one of the reasons people tend to relapse and allow toxic friends to re-enter their lives is because they’re lonely. So to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you should actively seek new friends. And this time around, make sure to look out for warning signs of toxic people.

For instance, you should avoid folks who:

  • Try to control you
  • Disregard your boundaries
  • Take without giving
  • Are always “right”
  • Aren’t honest
  • Play the victim
  • Don’t take responsibility

You can sometimes spot this early on. If you do, cut them out of your life as quickly as possible.

Remove Them from Your Social Media Friends List

This will help send a message that you’re not looking to interact or communicate with the toxic people you’re removing from your life. Deleting them from your friend’s list is helpful in a number of ways.

For instance, you won’t receive any more notifications of their lives so you won’t get sucked back into their drama. Plus, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on their lives and feel the need to reach out.

It’s like deleting their phone number from your contacts list. This will keep you from falling into old habits of messaging or calling them.

If you have to, don’t be afraid to block them on social media so that they don’t continue to bother and harass you.

Set Your Boundaries and Stick to Them

These boundaries are to be abided by any friends who wish to remain in your life. Make it known – be clear and see how it pushes away the toxic folks and draws near those who truly respect their friendship with you.

Boundaries aren’t walls, they’re what makes us who we are. If your friends can’t accept them, then they’re not looking out for your best interests. Nor do they care to keep you comfortable and happy, like a friend should.

Whatever you do, don’t get dragged into an argument while stating your boundaries. If they’re looking to put up a fight, then just leave. Your boundaries aren’t up for negotiation.

Choose a Public Place

If you decide to have a discussion, it may be best to do it in a public location. This way, things are less likely to get out of hand. This is especially important if your toxic friend is known to become belligerent or even violent when upset.

Chances are, your talk will stir strong emotions so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, having others around can be helpful if someone needs to get involved or act as a witness when the police are called.

Continue Putting Yourself First

You’re a great friend who’s always there when your friends need you. But when you’re trying to get rid of toxic friends, you should revert from this mindset and put yourself first.

No matter what things your toxic friends are going through, don’t re-engage. They have others who can help them out and going forward, you need to worry about finding your true happiness. You won’t be able to do this if you allow toxic people to constantly throw you on their roller coaster of drama.

And as you’re putting yourself above all else, don’t feel guilty about it. Once you’re in a place that you’re satisfied with, you can start focusing on building healthy friendships with non-toxic people.

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Toxic Friends – No More Excuses!

If you’re like most people, you know you need to get away from toxic people. However, you just didn’t know how to get rid of toxic friends. Thankfully, that’s no longer your problem.

Your next step is to choose the methods that best suit your situation.

And actually act on it. Don’t procrastinate any longer. You’ve already put months or even years into these damaging relationships and now it’s time to stop.

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