7 Important Love and Relationship Questions to Ask a Psychic at Your Next Reading

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There’s an undeniable appeal when it comes to psychics–especially when it comes to some of life’s great unanswerable questions, like what will happen in your love life.

But whether you swear by psychics or you’re a little skeptical, psychics can be informative about the state of affairs in your love life, primarily by making you seriously consider the answer you really wanted to hear.

The key is to ask your psychic the right question and know what to expect going into a session. Here, we’re breaking down nine good questions to ask a psychic about your love life.

1. What Should I Know About My Love Life?

If you’re going to take the time to see a psychic in person or you’ve taken an hour to call phone psychics, this might seem like a question that’s entirely too simple to be worth the trouble.

In fact, this is one of the most useful questions you can ask your psychic.

When you go to a reading, you want to get as much information as you can. With this in mind, it’s best not to ask questions that trap the answer in a corner, particularly questions beginning with, “Who?” “Where?” and “When?”

In the scheme of things, these questions are like looking at a map of the world through a toilet paper roll–a very limited perspective on the bigger picture. Broader questions can instead empower you to make decisions based on the answer you receive.

2. How Can I Follow My Heart?

“How can I follow my heart?” is another great example of a question with a broad scope that gives your psychic plenty of room to give an informative, useful answer.

Specifically, this type of open-ended question allows your psychic to give your answers that are similarly open-ended instead of demanding that they make decisions on your behalf.

Remember: your psychic is a guide, not a third-party decision maker. Their role is not to tell you what to do, but rather to help you find the right direction.

3. What Can I Do to Attract Mr./Mrs. Right?

Be careful with the wording of questions like this.

It’s perfectly fine, even useful, to ask, “What can I do to attract Mr. or Mrs. Right?” or “What can I do to attract my future partner into my life?”

However, you should avoid asking questions about a specific person. A psychic cannot read another person without them being present, and in any case, they cannot tell you how to bend the will of another person to your wishes.

As the old adage goes, it takes two to tango. It doesn’t do you any good to ask about a specific person because you don’t know what way their thoughts lie.

Instead, focus on what you can do in yourself to attract the right partner. A question like this helps a psychic read you instead of reading an outside situation on which they have a limited perspective.

4. Are There New Beginnings I Should Look for?

The old saying, “change is the only constant” is a cliche because it’s true.

Luckily for us, change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, nor does it have to be drastic. It can be as simple as a change in your morning routine or a new responsibility at work.

This is where your psychic can be helpful–they can help you keep an eye out for important opportunities, life paths, or chances to try new things that might be coming your way in the near future.

5. Why is My Relationship Suffering?

This is another tricky question that has to be worded carefully to avoid becoming a “Gotcha!” type of question.

Since this can be a two-person type of question, it can be helpful to have your partner with you at the reading for your psychic to give you a more complete picture. On the other hand, it may not be the most comfortable thing to have your partner there while your psychic picks apart your problems.

When speaking with a psychic, it’s important to avoid what we call reassurance or doubt questions. Usually, when you ask questions like this, you already have an opinion that you want the psychic to confirm.

An easy example is, “Should I end my relationship?” This and other, “Should I…?” questions shows an attitude of resignation that makes it difficult for your reader to discuss options with you.

Another way to phrase this question to focus more on yourself is, “How can I maintain healthier relationships?” This will allow your psychic to focus on you and what you can do to work on your relationship.

6. What Meaning Does My Relationship Have?

This is another great open-ended question that gives a psychic plenty of space to give genuinely insightful advice.

It’s also a good question to ask if you’ve been having trouble with someone lately because it can remind you of the value in that relationship and why you enjoyed the relationship in the past.

7. In What Ways am I Limiting My Relationship?

This question is great for getting to the heart of issues you’ve been struggling to tackle. After all, we all know that sometimes inaction is the worst thing you can do for a situation, even if you have no idea how to remedy the situation.

The wording of this question is also helpful because it puts the focus on what you, in particular, can do for your relationship. This allows your psychic to read you and figure out what kind of blocks you might be bringing to the situation.

If You Have Questions You Can’t Ask a Psychic

Of course, there are some questions you can’t ask a psychic or problems that you don’t need a clairvoyant to solve. Though you might still need a little guidance to get there.

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