The Benefits of Candles: 7 Reasons Why You Should Light One

candles and flowers

Are you the type of person who has a never-burned dusty candle on the shelf? Or is the only candle you use a citronella candle to keep mosquitoes away?

If you’ve never given much thought to candles, you might reconsider once you learn that these decorative items offer some potential general wellness benefits. And if you enjoy having candles in your home, these are just seven reasons you probably already know and love about candles.

Either way, learn more about the benefits of candles and how you can take advantage of the positive effects of lit candles in your living space.  

Benefits of Candles: Beyond Light

Candles originated as a main light source, but there’s evidence that they were used for religious purposes and the benefit of scent. These applications are still common today.

But while they’re no longer the primary light source, their decorative and visual qualities present several mood-boosting and environmental benefits. Let’s take a look at seven reasons you might not have considered for burning candles.

Enhance the Atmosphere

Psychologists have known for some time that a person’s environment can impact health and wellness. The colors, sounds, and structure of a room or space can greatly influence a person’s sense of security, mood, and mental health.

A candle-lit room can go a long way toward setting the kind of atmosphere you desire. You could use candles to enhance the setting in a few ways, such as:

  • Adding more warmth and light on a gloomy or cold day
  • Creating a romantic feel
  • Adding to a relaxed and tranquil setting 

Aromatherapy and Stress Relief

A recent poll revealed that nearly 18% of the population suffers from some sort of anxiety. Even if you’re not particularly stressed or anxious on a daily basis, everyone can benefit from candle therapy.

Lighting an aromatherapy candle is a fast and easy way to ease a bit of stress or boost your mood.

Pick a candle based on the scent and the kind of relief you’re looking for.

  • Lavender is calming and soothing and can be good for winding down after a stressful day.
  • Jasmine can be beneficial for tension and anxiety relief.
  • A lemon-scented candle could help ease symptoms of nausea or stomach discomfort.
  • Eucalyptus has the dual power to clear sinuses and improve your energy levels.

Support Meditation and Spirituality

You can take the mood-boosting quality of candles even further by including them in your meditation practice.

A lit candle with a scent that is comforting or relaxing can set the stage for devoting time to silent meditation, mindfulness exercises, or even prayer.

Make a Design or Creative Statement

Candles can be quite beautiful. On their own, they can create a statement based on their color, shape, or the vessel that contains them. And when lit, they can transform a room. 

Whether it’s a special occasion or just an evening in, a candle can add a touch of refinement, whimsy, or a personal touch to a room or gathering.

Improve Sleep

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that 10% of adults don’t get the recommended 7 hours of sleep every night.

While it’s all too common for people to complain about not getting enough rest, lack of sleep can have many negative health effects—like weight gain, memory loss, and other more serious conditions like diabetes.

Use a candle to help calm and ready yourself for a good night of sleep. Incorporate this into other practices like avoiding screen time right before bed and ensuring your room is completely dark.

Create a Daily Ritual

You can use candles to signify routines and rituals in your schedule.

Light your favorite relaxing aromatherapy candle as a part of a nighttime wind-down routine before bed.

Bedtime isn’t the only useful time of day for rituals, though.

Maybe you could light a candle in the morning during meditation or during your coffee and newspaper time before you head to work.

Though it’s simple, lighting a candle during a part of your day can make it more meaningful and help you enjoy and not rush through it.

Improve Your Mood

Candles have the power to lift your mood. If you’re stressed, a candle with a soothing scent can help you feel more centered. If you feel drained after a grueling day, candles near the bath can help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Even just one candle can help you slow down, regain focus, and spend time in the moment.

Choosing the Right Candles to Burn

While candles can have meditative, relaxing, and invigorating effects, it’s important to choose quality candles to burn.

You don’t want to release unnecessary toxins or expose yourself or your loved ones to dangerous byproducts.

Instead of buying bargain candles that are iffy when it comes to the quality of ingredients, choose a luxury candle you can trust. It pays to spend a bit more on a candle that you can feel confident burning.

Try to avoid candles made of paraffin wax. These candles are known to burn much faster and more toxic than safer alternatives—like beeswax or pure soy candles.

If you feel adventurous or cautious about candles, you could even make DIY candles at home. All you need is beeswax and a wick and any essential oils you’d like to add to your home-made creations.

Keep Reading for More Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Though they don’t take up much space, the possible benefits of candles are numerous. You don’t need a complicated setup or dozens of candles to help you feel more relaxed, less stressed, or to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Are you looking for other healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration? Light a candle and keep browsing our site for more musings and advice.