How to Get Kids to Read: 10 Unmissable Hacks for Busy Moms

mom reading with kids

Around one in five children didn’t even read a single book over the summer. This is a sharp decline compared with previous years. 

From improving memory to enhancing empathy, there are countless benefits of reading from a young age.

However, getting your child to read by themselves isn’t easy. You probably already have a long list of other things to do as well. 

Check out our guide below to learn how to get kids to read on their own with enthusiasm. Let’s get started!

1. Create a Reading Zone

Create a reading zone in your home to encourage your child to see reading as something fun and enjoyable.

You can put together a library of books, add comfortable chairs and colorfully decorate a corner of the room. 

Allocating a special time each day for reading can also give your child a positive connection with reading. It makes sense for this to be just before bedtime.

When your child looks forward to something, they’re more likely to enjoy reading by themselves as they get older.

2. Allow Your Child to Choose the Book

As long as the book is appropriate, you can allow your child to choose which book they want to read.

You may be frustrated that your kid wants to read the same book over and over again. Or, maybe your child only ever wants to read comic books. 

But, you should encourage any pleasure your child derives from reading. It can be dangerous to share any negative feelings about reading with your child.

3. Show an Interest With Positive Feedback

When your child has read a book, you can show an interest in your kid’s reading. Ask them questions such as:

What is the story about? Who is your favorite character?

These kinds of questions allow your child to share their reading experience with you. This can give them an even richer experience of reading.

4. Listening Is Better Than Nothing

Many parents are eager to convince their children to read by themselves. However, engaging with books from a young age is really what matters.

Therefore, whether your child is listening to children’s audio books or reading books themselves, spending time with stories is what matters.

5. Buy Your Child an E-Reader

Are you concerned about how much time your child spends looking at screens?

Up to 42 percent of children now have their own tablet device. This is significantly higher than only a few years ago. 

But, you may need to accept that your child prefers looking at screens to a paper book. The most important thing is that they’re spending time stimulating their mind.

You could encourage your child to read by buying them an e-reader. You may find that they’re much more susceptible to reading an e-book.

6. Encourage Reading More Than Just Books

The practice of reading is important whether your kid is reading books or anything else.

When you’re on the road, you could encourage your child to read the signs. When you eat in a restaurant, ask your kid to read out the menu choices.

Don’t simply limit your child’s imagination for reading to books. It’s important that they learn the boundlessness of reading.

7. Read in Front of Them

It’s essential that your child doesn’t consider reading a child-only activity. You need to provide an example for your kids.

As your kid’s role model, seeing your reading magazines, books and newspapers will encourage him or her to do the same.

When you’re reading, encourage your kid to join you. Reading doesn’t need to be a solitary activity but can be shared together.

8. Go to the Library Together

Your child may need inspiration to read more books. Taking your child to the public library can really show him or her the number of books to be enjoyed.

Even a small library can give your child a passion for reading. Make this a regular trip to allow your children to borrow and return books often.

You can also take them to a bookstore where they pick out a book themselves to buy with their pocket money. 

9. Share Your Reading Story

Every book lover has a story of how they became inspired to read.

What was the first book which ignited your love of reading? Who was your favorite author when you were the same age as your kid?

Passing down your reading story to your kid may help to inspire your child to read more as well.

10. Connect Reading to Real Life

Your child may struggle to see any connections between reading and life. What is the point of the story? The character doesn’t make any sense.

By showing your child how books can reflect themes in the real world, you can help them see the meaning of reading. For example, even fantasy books play on important themes in life.

Tell them about how books can help people to see other people’s perspectives. Share with them how may you can get carried away in the adventure. 

How to Get Kids to Read?

Does your child display zero interest in reading? Now you know some tips on how to get kids to read. 

You don’t have to simply accept your child will never be a reader. Reading can offer numerous benefits that you don’t want your child to miss out on.

Even though it’s important not to force your child to read. There are many tips in this blog post which can help encourage reading more.

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