12 Inspirational Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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There’s no arguing that the world of social media has changed the way we interact with each other. Instagram is especially influential with 1 billion active monthly users

And the vast majority of users are young adults under the age of 35. While the baby boomers might scorn us for it, it’s not all bad. 

When its power is yielded for the greater good, Instagram can be a beautiful place to spend time online. 

Looking for new, interesting people to follow? We found 12 of the best inspirational Instagram accounts you should be following for your daily dose of inspiration. 

General Positivity & Happiness

If you’re logging into Instagram in search of a smile, here are a couple of the best feel-good accounts to follow:

1. @humansofny

Humans of New York is an account dedicated to telling life’s simple stories and bringing joy to the masses through meaningful human interactions. 

2. @realgrumpycat

Because who doesn’t love funny cat photos? While this account may not be the dose of business motivation you need, it promises to start your day with a smile. 

3. @dogsofinstagram

If you’re not a cat person, it’s likely you’re a dog person. This is another one to scroll through first thing in the morning to start your day off right. 

Personal Growth & Spiritual Enlightenment

In this crazy, fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget how important it is to dedicate some extra time to personal growth. Here are our favorite Insta accounts for spiritual enlightenment, mindfulness, and personal development:

4. @deepakchopra

Philosopher, author, and proponent of alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra’s Instagram account is full of daily inspiration for the masses. 

5. @russellbrand

Whether or not you’re a fan of his comedy, you can’t deny Russell Brand has been through the wringer and come out the other side. Nowadays, he exudes positivity and tips for self-love. 

6. @the.mind.gym

An account that strongly believes mental health deserves as much attention as physical health, The Mind Gym is an awesome place to stop if you need a mindfulness boost. 

Female Empowerment

Not to exclude the guys, but Instagram is rife with inspirational accounts that must be followed by the young female population. We’ve come far, ladies. But there’s still a long way to go. 

7. @sadgirlsclub

An account whose main focus is destroying the stigma around mental health, this page is a must-follow for both young women and young men. 

8. @michelleobama

You can’t say you’re surprised to see the former First Lady’s name on this list. Michelle Obama is a bright light for feminism and business motivation. 

9. @amypoehlersmartgirls

Get a head start on feminism with Amy Poehler’s account dedicated to teaching young girls the power of quality. 

Inspirational Instagram Accounts for Business & Entrepreneurship 

For those looking for a leg-up in the business worlds, don’t miss out on some motivational support from these great Instagram accounts.

10. @entrepreneur

This is Entrepreneur Magazine’s official Instagram account, and it rules. It’s a must-have in the arsenal of every aspiring entrepreneur. 

11. @richardbranson

A man who has accomplished more than many, Richard Branson’s account is chock-full of inspirational and motivational posts for the business-minded. 

12. @motivation_mondays

For a general boost in motivation, head over to this account every Monday for a daily reminder of why you should get off your butt and get stuff done. 

Now Put Down Your Phone & Do It

Now that you have some new inspirational Instagram accounts to follow, put down your phone, go outside and follow their advice. 

While these fantastic accounts can give you the spark of motivation you need, they can’t do the work for you. 

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